Posted: January 28, 2014 in Janathon
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Still ill but no work-shirk.
Did job, now a slob.
Can’t run – no fun. Can’t breathe, would heave. Full of snot. Best not.
Exercise would cause demise.

Now writing blog on the bog (don’t know why I shared that *sigh*).

So, on to say, what I’ve done today…. From office to car, it is quite far and I carried a sack upon my back with shavings of wood which will be good for my new bunnies’ hutch that they will like much.

I’ve yet to get, the actual pet but I’ll soon have two, which I’ll show you once I have got the lovely lot.

I think that’ll do. I’ve finished my business here.





I am actually feeling a little better today. So hopefully there will be a resumption of conventional exercise shortly. Carrying a massive bag of sawdust from the workshop to the car was really pretty hard work I’ll have you know, mind you.

  1. running-dry says:

    What whim made you say, “I’ll not give up; let’s
    write this blog today in rhyming couplets”?
    I hope when you’ve had a spot of luncheon*
    you might feel like an afternoon run, chum.**

    By the way,
    * “a spot of luncheon” is an anagram of “Oh, cleanup of snot”
    ** “afternoon run chum” is an anagram of “notmuchofarunner”

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. plustenner says:

    and did you have green eggs and ham?

  3. emma says:

    Your blog posts are probably some of my favourites, I’m sorry I can’t make this rhyme!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    Really enjoyed that – however your Dad outdid you!

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