It becomes a little bit of a Janathon cliche (… hang on… how do I get a cute little apostrophe thing that goes on an ‘e’ … what are they called, again?… to go on that ‘e’ ?… ah… there we go…ok…start again…)

It becomes a little bit of a Janathon cliché that when no exercise has been performed, out comes the plank, or a bar press-up, or carrying the shopping, or whatever. That’s fine. I’ve been there. I’ve done that too. Nobody minds really, do they? Well I’ve done that today…but I’ve taken it up a notch.

When I used to be in the scouts, we played a few random fitness games, one of which was to start on the top of a sturdy table and attempt to crawl under it and then back on top again, around the other side, without the feet having touched the floor. And if you could do it once, then you tried to see how many times you could do it in a minute. Harder than it sounds, by the way.

I didn’t do that today.

Another game was to have three chairs of the same height so that you have your bottom on one, your head on another and your heels on the third.  You then tense up so that your bum comes off the chair, leaving you balancing on your ankles and head only (strong neck muscles required) and then you see if you can pick up the chair and pass it up, around your body and back to its starting position behind your behind.

I didn’t do that either…

…but only because I couldn’t find a third small chair.  I did the balancing bit though, holding it for about 10 seconds…



Happy with that 😀

  1. madhat2014 says:

    Looks like a suitable coffee table substitute. 🙂

  2. abradypus says:

    A worthy substitute indeed. And it leaves the table crawling in the bag for next time.

  3. run-a-mile says:

    No obvious puns or anagrams today, so just … Well done!
    You make it look so easy – and I know it’s not, ‘cos I’ve tried it. Your position looks as rigid as … well, … a plank. So rigid that it could actually support a small person’s weight walking across. What’s notmuchofapirate doing today?

  4. runningalongbehindpuffing says:

    It’s not an apostrophe, it’s an acute accent. Bonnee journée!

    • Hello (Mum?)
      Read the offending sentence again…but this time with the conscious awareness that I’m sarcastic and perhaps too subtle 😉

      (I made the accent slope the other way once…That was a grave mistake)

      Sorry to other folks reading this…, perhaps I will just call my parents and talk to them.

  5. runningalongbehindpuffing says:

    sorry – bonne acquired an extra ‘e’

  6. IronMum says:

    Grave mistake, I see what you did there 😉 In actual awe at the ninja planking. Do you levitate too?

  7. dadoorunrun says:

    that’s good. are you levitating?

  8. plustenner says:

    impressive! who took the picture LOL

  9. winsometahn says:

    I’m enjoying your conversations with your parents almost as much as your blog posts!

  10. Excellent work! Not sure I could pull that off

  11. Living that it’s a ‘health and safety’ ultra plank -close to the ground 🙂

  12. […] fail photo had been included below. However it must be noted that this was from a previous attempt SEE THE POST BY CLICKING HERE …as all my attempts for this year’s one were images of perfection. Here you go, […]

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