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Final day of janathon. Final blog post for a little while (though I will periodically post further randomness as the mood takes me, so do pop back).

Well done everyone who has taken part, to whatever extent and for however long.
Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog, ‘liking’ it and commenting. I have enjoyed the banter.

Cheers! *drinks sip gulp of beer*

I feel I ought to write something profound about the journey, about the lessons learned, about the great running community.
I have read some great posts about folks realising what they do and don’t love about running, about the extent to which they can push themselves, about the importance of rest to be woven into the challenge of daily exercise.

Cheers! *drinks another gulp or two of beer*

I have really enjoyed coming up with some randomness each day. This is what I love about the challenge. I have really been pretty poor in terms of distances run, swum, cycled, etc. but I have totally nailed it in the ‘beating up snowmen’ stakes, balancing on chairs, and the effective use of interpretive dance.

*goes to fridge to grab another beer*

I may need a bit of time to reflect to come up with something truly profound though, and time was not something I had a lot of today…

Took kids to school/nursery – a bit more of a rush than usual because older child was a but slow on the move as he stayed up late to listen to local radio and hear Nottingham Forest come back from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Watford. Get in!

I went straight from there to collect the two new additions to our family. Rabbits. (Name suggestions welcomed by the way)

Went for a run. Two runs, in fact – another 7:39 one and a mile recovery.

Collected child 2 from nursery just before lunch.
Quick lunch after sorting rabbits out.

Take child 2 to doctor’s surgery for her pre-school injections. One in each arm!
Feel grateful that I spent hours playing ‘doctors’ with said child this week in preparation (“it might hurt a little bit but then it feels fine and you can have a chocolate coin that is left over from Christmas but is still just about in date”). No tears! A bottom lip… But no tears…and then I was fine.

Home again for general house duties, washing, etc. followed by rushed school pick-up to take both children to dentist…

… then immediately taking older one to football training…

…home…food…meet & greet with rabbits…

…off to school fundraiser for the evening…

…write blog.

*drinks big gulp of beer*

So I think today can be pretty well summed up by Flanagan and Allen…








(That was “run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run” in case you missed it.)

Those last three pictures were not all from today, though. They depict my three attempts at my 7:39 run (how far I could cover in that amount of time). Steady and consistent improvement, I think you’ll agree.

Watch this space.

In half a month, I’ve gone from a 7:14 mile pace to a 7:09 so that equates to a 10 second improvement in a month… That’s six months it’ll take to knock a minute off my time… so… in….
(*whispers…6,12,18…and 10 more seconds…*)
… so in 19 months time I shall be sub-four minute miling!

See you then.

Finally, a ‘thank you’ to Cathy (aka jogblog) and the janathon mafia (yes, that’s you, Helen) for once again rallying us into action. It does feel a lot like a marathon right now in that I’m thinking “never again” and we all know what happens then, but just in case I don’t do another…thank you.


  1. Loving the t-shirt! Oh and my big girl (now aged 14) also had jabs in both arms today. Sob!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing you in Junathon! 🙂

  3. running-to-seed says:

    Well done! You made it to the end of the month.

    However, I am a little disappointed! Although you appear to have had quite a busy day there’s only one form of exercise I was expecting from you on the last day of Janathon, and you didn’t do it – bunny hops! (Maybe even whilst holding a kettle-bell to burn off a few more calories?) I look forward to a picture of you doing this shortly. And (for Mum) could you wear that fetching Decathlon leasure-wear onesie with the rabbit ears, like you did in the expressive dance the other day?

    Anyway, congratulations! Febathon starts today!

  4. madhat2014 says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! 🙂

  5. plustenner says:

    busy day!! you deserve that beer – cheers !

  6. Well done on your rabbit run. Will hold you to bunny hops and a sub 7 mile in June!

  7. fortnightflo says:

    I like your thinking – sub 4 min mile is the goal then!

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