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Vanilla Ice – reworded for injured runners.
Ice Ice Baby – new lyrics.

R est
I ce
C ompression
E levation
You know it makes sense.

Disclaimer – this blog post should not be considered as medical advice and appropriate professional blah blah blah sought if you blah blah, etc.


Yo, injury, don’t brick it. RICE RICE Baby, RICE RICE Baby
All right Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
It’s what to do for a running complication…
Some pain makes your muscles clench tightly,
Stabbing like a harpoon daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yo – I don’t know. Take off your shoe, you foot grows, to the extreme like it’s been hit by a vandal – not a nice stage look like a chump in a sandal. Rest! Go put your feet up, keep still, you know if you don’t that it’s only gonna kill.
Deadly, don’t be a dope, move steadily. Anything less than a rest is a felony
Don’t move it, just leave it, You’ll bet it gives way. You better not run ‘cos your foot won’t play.
If there is a problem, this’ll solve it. Check out a book while my advice resolves it.
RICE RICE Baby… feel ill huh?
RICE RICE Baby… keep stiller
RICE RICE Baby… (*rhyme filler*)
RICE RICE Baby just chill, yeah

Now that the body is jumping, like your foot’s kicked in, and the veins are pumpin’ Quick to the fridge (to the fridge or freezer), get an ice bag or a pack of peas, yeah.
Wrap it up, for when you put it on your skin, You could learn that it burns though it’s cold, it’s a sin.
Chilling it, to reduce the temp oh, (it stops swelling if you take it so low)
Rollin’ with a piece of foam With my sock pulled down so my blood can flow.
Then twitter’s on standby, Waiting just to say, “why?!” you should stop!, Ice , lift it high.
Don’t keep on pursuing til it breaks – stop!, you’ll bust what’s left, and then you’ll have to just hop…

That black toe’s dead Yo – but you continued with “I’ve worn a… compress haven’t you?”

Feeling hot, being squished by compression socks,
Running lovers recovering from all their knocks

Jealous ’cause they’re out all the time
Shame if you’re lame but to move is a crime.
Steady, then you’re back hitting walls
The chumps acting fast will be heading for a fall.
parkrun – “see you at the bell” just grab your barcode – You don’t need no gels.
Running- on the concrete real fast, Pumped that your fine, slam on the gas. Marshall to marshall, the route was stacked. You try to get away but you finish with the pack.
With RICE on the scene, you know what I mean. It fixed you up, now you’ll enter for some racing.
Yes, there was a problem but you solved it. Check out the foot while metatarsals revolve it.

  1. rundmach says:

    Can you pretty please please please do this rhym to the music and record it?? You’ll go viral! I love it!!! I was reading this and playing the music in my head.

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