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Posted: June 4, 2014 in Juneathon, running
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I’ve spent a good amount of time today hunting down Juneathon participants who have either:

a) missed out the ‘e’ in Juneathon, thus spelling it ‘Junathon’


b) gone onto auto pilot and referred to this month’s exercise/blog fest as Janathon (its colder evil twin – taking place in 6 months)

In case you were not aware, the penalty for these errors is as follows:

error a) calling Juneathon ‘Junathon’ = 10 press ups (push ups if you are American)

error b) calling Juneathon ‘Janathon’ = 20 press ups

These are penalties made up by me but they have recently been passed into full internet ‘athon law, as sanctioned by Juneathon/Janathon boss woman Cathy, over at JogBlog.


Unfortunately, on one occasion as I handed out a 20 puss up fine, I did exactly what I just did then… that is, I told someone they had to do 20 PUSS UPS!

Cathy suggested that this is actually a legitimate exercise involving bench pressing a cat/kitten.  It got me thinking… I could do all sorts of exercises in good faith, and simply blame it on the autocorrect feature of my phone.

So here are today’s mistyped exercises:

1) puss ups

2) squits (easier if you are on a ‘run streak’)

3) plonking

4) waits

5) lounges

6) sunning

7) jigging

All followed by a few crunchies!

Can you think of any more?

  1. shazruns says:

    I am the only one who did not think kitten with that particular typo ( and by the way can’t believe you missed typed anything ever)

  2. running-to-seed says:

    (I tried to post a message just now, but nothing appeared to happen.)
    Dear NMOAR, how about the following?

    Doorbell press,
    Contralateral lamb raises (like calf raising but not as heavy – or as messy!)

    Good luck with Jonathan!

  3. Dadlifts sound interesting, although that sounds harder than the original exercise, especially if it was my dad, bless him. I’m sure he’d be able to come up with a few mistyped exercises to add to my list…mind you he’d probably have to google ‘exercises’ first to have a starting point.

    G’night Dad x

    • running-late says:

      Dear NMOAR (random thoughts and rubbing shorts),

      A few more exercises suggested by my fatness instructor:

      1) Bar work
      2) Sit-up, lie-down (just one of each, divided between morning and evening)
      3) Decline push-ups (It’s O.K. to say no)

  4. Melanie says:

    Ha, ha…you got me. I realized my error earlier today. Searched for Junathon and nothing came up except for a bunch of Jonathons. I will do my puss ups but will need to use the stuffed kitten my son left behind 10 years ago as I do not have a real one.

  5. mbcrower says:

    Oh no! I’m guilty and for 4 days running. Does that mean 40 press up?

  6. abradypus says:

    Lounges and sunning for me today 🙂

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