I’m a TryAtLeast

Posted: June 9, 2014 in cycling, Juneathon, running, swimming, Triathlon
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I have just seen my triathlon pictures from Sunday.

I was really looking forward to them being uploaded so I could…
…oh my goodness! What’s that?! I was trying to suck it in too as I ran past! Oh well.

I do not (yet) look like a triathlete. A ‘tryatleast’, maybe. I’ll take that for now.

I’m rubbish at writing race reports… but if I don’t practise I don’t get better do I? So here goes…

I swam 400m in 7m 45s ish.
I ran to transition.
I transisted for 1m 22s
I moved my legs around repeatedly to propel my heavy frame (I could actually mean my bike, you see…that was a bit ambiguous to add an element of mystery to my writing, eh) for 20km (this took me 41min).
I transistificated off of the bikey thing, put it on the racky thing and actually put on socks and lace-up shoes because, let’s face it – 20 seconds is NOT going to kill me. (This whole process took 1m 30s once I had got out of the transistification area).
I wobbled ran for 5k in 27m 55s – over 5 mins slower than my PB, completely disproving my previously held belief that swimming and cycling hard were merely a good warm up for a 5k PB effort.

There. I think there’s a couple of things to work on as far as race reports go, but it will do for now.

This all took place on Sunday of course but I didn’t write it up then because I was too busy drinking beer afterwards So I posted up a re-worded version of Vanilla Ice’s rap classic – ‘ICE ICE BABY’ which I had started writing in May. Because I had started it in May, WordPress thinks that’s when I published it for some reason. So in case you missed it, do go and check it out. If you are young/old enough to remember the original, you won’t be disappointed.

Today (Monday) I actually played tennis (again) but you don’t want to hear about my comeback from being 2-5 down to eventually emerge victorious after a 9-7 epic set do you? No. I won’t tell you about that then.

  1. shazruns says:

    Always very impressed with anyone who does a triathlon, so today I am in awe of your accomplishments, well done, to say nothing of being able to play tennis the next day, despite a once broken shoulder. Wow

  2. Well done! Hope your beer drinking times were as respectable!
    I’m getting tempted to try tri. Need to find one where the swim part is in the bath!

  3. Katie Bradshaw says:

    Props on being a tryatleast! As I remind myself when I come in near-dead-last in a race, that’s coming in well ahead of much of my peer group!

  4. paigesato says:

    probably the best race report I’ve read in a long time–especially your transition area recaps: transisted and transistificated, awesome new words. In my sprint last year, I transisted for over 8 minutes because I forgot what came next. A nice lady, far sportier than I, had to remind me.

    • To clarify….you waited for 8 minutes because you weren’t sure whether you needed to cycle or run?! Is that genuine ?

      • paigesato says:

        I was so thrilled to get over the swim (my weakest link), and when i got to the transition area, I just completely blanked. That, coupled with the realization that I was only 1/3 done, so maybe forgetfulness plus dread.

  5. plustenner says:

    that is amazing! 400m swim in under 8 minutes, 20km cycle in 40 mins and then a 5k in 27:55 – I am in awe.. the swim alone would have taken me ages 🙂

  6. winsometahn says:

    On the first day of Juneathon I jogged 10 metres back to my bike after taking a photo – I thought my legs were going fall off. I’m therefore in awe of all triathletes, but probably the tryatleasts most of all!

  7. Your services to adding new words to the English language are to be commended. I particularly like “Doathlete” and “transistificated”. My challenge tomorrow: to get them into conversation somewhere at work.

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