Punching lampposts

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Janathon, Jantastic, Marathon, running

I have just landed myself with that problem of giving this post a title that appears interesting but no doubt will fail to deliver.
Save yourself now and get a cup of tea and a biscuit instead.

Having been feeling less than 100% for the whole of this year so far, I was breathing a little better this morning, so after the school run (I’m not counting that as exercise), I went for an actual run.
I left the car near the kids’ school and took a slightly longer route home so that I could run along the local bypass (incorporating a Strava segment [link with definition included for the benefit of the uninitiated]).
It turns out, this route home from the school is exactly 5km…that’s handy!

The fact that it includes a Strava segment half way through helps keep me focused and ups my tempo at the mid-point of my run.
Again, mainly for the benefit of my mum (who no doubt didn’t click on the earlier link), this segment is basically just a point to point section that is timed automatically by my GPS-based running app.
Although I feel slow and tired after those two kilometres, I try to imagine that I’m in the later stages of a much longer run and treat it as mental training to keep going despite the fatigue.

During the run along the bypass there are so many lampposts placed on the white line dividing the pedestrian path from the cycleway that it’s easy to become complacent about their presence… well, either that or I thought I was invincible…because I..errr…basically sort of ran into one, giving it a relatively reasonable strength punch with my swinging right fist.


Please tell me I’m not the only person to have done that.

I fairly regularly crash into the edges of walls with my shoulder when turning corners…so maybe there is something wrong with me :-/

Anyway, with the car now left at the school/nursery I clearly had to run back again at pick-up time. I repeated my route (obviously in reverse)… So that’s 10k in total for me today 🙂 I’m definitely seeing this cold out at last.

I also played football in the park with the kids after school, so today I am well nailing this Janathon thing.
I’ve also now done three of my four planned runs for my marathon talk jantastic challenge too.

Janathon (day 7) – incorporating running, punching lampposts, and football… Done.

  1. abradypus says:

    Ouch! I’ve never punched a lamppost but most of the doorframes in our house move six inches either way when you’re not looking…

  2. runorgocrazy says:

    You’re not the only one, punched each step on my way down last Monday morning doh!

  3. I wear a cycle helmet because my door frame collides with me when I carry my bike out.

  4. Shaz says:

    Wow you are on fire! Watch out for those lampposts

  5. running-along-behind-puffing says:

    The Strava segment link didn’t work so we googled it. (Don’t underestimate your parents!) Glad you’re feeling better. How is the poorly car?

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