Posted: January 11, 2015 in Janathon, running
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Today I stole something.

I’m not proud. But it is all I’ve got for today’s blog post, so you’re just going to have to go with me on this one I’m afraid.

I did not, as some of you may have thought, do any sort of run involving a German fruit bread with powdered sugar and marzipan. That would have been a ‘Stollen run’… which… mmmm….actually, doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I might do that tomorrow.

No. Today’s theft was potentially dangerous, and if I was caught, could have involved security guards and phrases like ‘ejected from the premises”.


That serious.

Let me explain…

My son was playing in a mini tennis tournament today. Brilliant value – 2 hours of indoor tennis – 6 games of ‘first to 10 points’.
He won 4/5 of his round robin games which got him to the semi-final where he lost to the eventual overall winner by the closest of margins, 9-10 (one point sudden death!)
Oooooo – so close.

…Anyway, this was at a David Lloyd club. I had paid for my boy to enter the tournament but didn’t have to pay any extra for my attendance, obviously. “What a waste of multiple rows of unused gym equipment!” I thought to myself seeing a scene like this…


So, after offering to get my little tennis star a top-up of water, I passed through the gym, got water from the water fountain, and stole a quick run on the posh treadmills…

That, admittedly, isn’t one of my best selfies.

The screen was like a race track where I guess (if you knew what you were doing) you could run a virtual race against a virtual opponent.

(A much clearer photo)

Unfortunately the virtual stadium was empty… probably only because the virtual audience didn’t know in advance that I would be making a virtual appearance there… but still… it hurts, you know.

So there you have it.
-No gym induction.
-No insurance.
-No towel.

To be honest, I’m lucky to still be here.

Janathon (day11) – involving totally living life on the very mere edge of the law – Done!

  1. @health_excel says:

    You devil you – but one can’t let a gym full of empty equipment go to waste, can one?

  2. Ommmmmmmm, but they are nice aren’t they? I had a tour of one once, it was “this is a lifestyle centre for people like you”, which made me think he was a very poor judge of character.

  3. rundmach says:

    Amazing!!! I would not have been able to do that!

  4. fitflo says:

    Those are pretty funky treadmills. Great thieving – shame you couldn’t get one in the car…they have so many they surely wouldn’t miss one…

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