The swim that nearly wasn’t

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Janathon, running, swimming
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I have written ‘rules’ or ‘guidance’ for completing a Janathon before…

10 tips to help you survive Janathon (or something like that)
This was genuinely one off my better posts so if if you haven’t seen it before and especially if you are new to blogging, it’s worth a quick peek.

One of my own (and until now – unwritten) rules of blogging during Janathon is that if you’re going to write a naff post, then quickly follow it up with a better one and maybe nobody will notice. That is my plan, anyway.

Today (Jan 15th 2015), I was off school with my poorly girl so I could only fit my run in, late.
After much faffing, I eventually left the house with goggles and trunks tucked into my running belt and headed for the local pool.
There was a chance I wouldn’t make it in time to make a swim worthwhile but 15 minutes (3km) later I was there and managed a 30 minute swim (it’s been a while – it was hard work!) before a soggy 3k run home again (I hadn’t bothered with a towel – didn’t see the point).

So, there it is. No blogging inspiration for today but actually feeling well motivated on the running front at the moment.

Liking that.

Janathon (day 15) – involving sick, running, swimming, and running again, but no blog inspiration – Done.

  1. Cecilia says:

    The pool I’m currently using is a little over 4km away, and running there and back is something I’ve considered, but then worried about being cold on the way home… and it’s summer over here!

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