Leasure time again

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Janathon, running
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Some of you may know I have a bit of a thing about apostrophes, grammar, and spelling generally.
I’m not perfect, and I’m happy to provide a source of entertainment for others when they discover some inappropriate punctuation or poor spelling in one of my ramblings.  Recently, for some inexplicable reason, my new phone likes to substitute ‘X-Men’ when I want to just write a comma! I usually spot that one, thankfully. Weird.

For anyone new to my blog, here a few of the corkers from the past…

An early one involving a local sign and searching for beavers on the internet
THE sign continues to mock me + a race I don’t enter due to poor use of English
The grammar ninja strikes at that sign!

Now, I don’t always comment every time I see wayward grammar, but when it is a large organisation, or something in the public eye, I find it very hard not to. For example, this van…

Now, to the point…eventually.
Some time ago I wrote a post about the store , Decathlon and many, many signs in their cycling range referring to ‘leasure’ biking.
(You can read that post HERE)

After that post was written, I did receive an email from a Decathlon bod who actually agreed with me, but it wasn’t his department. He was contacting me to see if I wanted to write a whole piece about their range of trail shoes (as I had recently purchased a pair and had been complimentary about them on my blog).
I didn’t write the piece. I will occasionally write reviews if I have been sent by something, or just if I want to… but let’s face it – people don’t come to read this blog for a serious critique of equipment.

I did request that he consider hiring me as a sign quality control person, though.

I didn’t hear back.

A few months on, and I can say I’m very impressed with Decathlon’s commitment to change as I saw these signs…


If you can’t make out the spelling from my poor photographic skills…

That one should be a bit clearer.


Job done?

Not quite…

Doh! Oh well, maybe they are just not wanting to waste the card from previously printed, incorrect versions. That’s what I shall assume.

I shall perhaps finish by saying, Decathlon are doing a brilliant deal on running socks at the moment £1.50/pair …previously £6.99/pair.
I have bought six pairs.

Also, (as preliminary discussions with my good lady wife over dinner last night about Garmin devices didn’t go quite according to my plans), I have my eye on a very reasonably priced (£7.99) sports watch.

See. I don’t have a downer on Decathlon.

I love it.

They keep me entertained.

Shall we play a game of ‘spot the difference’?

Janathon (day 16) – involving running around Decathlon taking photos of pedals, seats X-Men and toe clips at my leasure – Done.

  1. rundmach says:

    Ha! Can you really live with that least x-men and leasure? Don’t you want to end on a good note? 🙂

    My phone always turns my dog’s name all caps CODY… I change it but it reverts to old ways…

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