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Posted: January 17, 2015 in Janathon, not running, running
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I would like to tell you how much I was looking forward to a speedy parkrun today, how my recent weight loss and speed sessions have finally paid dividends!

I would also like to tell you that today I played league tennis for the first time in ages and despite my lack of recent play I was awesome, my shoulder was fine and we recorded an emphatic victory over our closest rivals.

And I would like to tell you that I revived an old press up challenge and so totally nailed it.

Unfortunately... although I would indeed like to tell you those things, only some elements of the above are true…

I was really looking forward to running a hard parkrun today. I was all set, packed up and ready to go, car defrosted, barcode in pocket… but it was also my daughter’s first dance lesson today and too much faffing from the kids (…hmmmm….I wonder who they get that from…) meant things were getting a bit close timewise and I decided, in the interest of family relations that I would forego the parkrun today and make sure that breakfasts were eaten and children were clothed.

I ended up cleaning out the rabbits instead.

I did actually play tennis. But my shoulder wasn’t great, and my playing was even worse. I won’t labour on this. We lost.

When I was putting my son to bed this evening I got him to do some press ups. He managed 7. He was quite proud of himself and I told him how I used to be able to do over 60 in a minute.

I then tried to do over 60 in a minute.

I managed 59 and then collapsed in a heap, much to my son’s amusement.

He then had to read to me first because I was too out of breath to manage it myself.

Janathon (day whatever… 17, I think) – involving rubbish tennis playing, no parkrun and a failed press up challenge – Done.

  1. Other days for parkrun PBs. The kids grow up too fast, they apreciate our input one day!

  2. madhat2014 says:

    Great write-up. 60 press ups a minute sounds gruelling. I’m not even going to try…

  3. plustenner says:

    I didn’t see the spelling mistake 🙂 59 in a minute is pretty amazing though

  4. Still sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. Cecilia says:

    I was working on getting to 10 press ups in a row, with no time constraints, but I’m now saving what little arm strength I have for my once-a-week swim. So 59 in one minute sounds pretty good to me!

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