Exercising my excuses

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Janathon, not running
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Given that Janathon is supposed to be ‘a festival of activity and excuses‘, I feel that I have so far tipped the scales towards the ‘activity’ side and have somewhat neglected to provide many excuses.
For that, I apologise and now aim to correct that oversight.

Yesterday, I played football, basketball, and hide & seek with the kids after school. I just couldn’t be bothered to blog about it and was asleep at 21:30 which is super-early for me.

Today, I’m just about bothered enough to blog, but not to do anything else.
I am however exercising my excuses. I haven’t let them out much recently and they could do with stretching their legs.

Janathon (days 22 + 23) – involving exercising but not blogging, and blogging but not exercising (which in my book, evens it all out) – Done.

  1. shazruns says:

    Hope the excuses are suitably knackered so they don’t get out of bed tomorrow! Afterall it’s Parkrun day

  2. abradypus says:

    *shocked face* both for the excuses (wouldn’t catch me having a slack day, oh no) and for the lack of parkrunning.

  3. Helen says:

    Exercising excuses has got to be a new one. I wonder what our fearless leader would say?

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