New Balance running onesie

Posted: May 25, 2015 in running
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Ok. So as it turned out, that New Balance prize (for writing about my rubbish runs) I was expecting – the ‘head to toe’ New Balance kit (which clearly was near enough a guarantee of a onesie), turned out to actually be ‘neck to toe’ (admittedly a less well-known english phrase) and included shorts, two running tops…  

…and a shiny new pair of Fresh Foam Zante running shoes…


So I’m not complaining! To be honest, if I take that little step back and take a deep breath, I would probably even go so far as to admit that, as a whole, this collection of kit is probably more practical than a onesie would have been, anyway.

I know I will have upset some people by making that statement, but please, we are all different, with different needs, wants and expectations. Please respect my views on this matter, even if your own may differ.  Thank you.

My best kit is now no longer that purchased from my local charity shop. No offense intended by that either, it has been great quality and served me well. But this stuff is super light, quick-dry, comfortable, and the shorts come with (and this is obviously important) a well placed zip-up pocket large enough for my phone, positioned so as not to bounce around too much during my regular* super-speedy interval sessions.

*(Once a year is still regular)

Furthermore the tops have this weird thumb thing…look…

I don’t personally find that my long sleeves on shirts automatically roll themselves up my arm without this design addition. Perhaps because generally the rest of my arms are bigger than my wrists. BUT I have seen that this is definitely a ‘runner’ thing so if I need a little hole in a shirt for my thumb to make me aBitMoreOfaRunner then so be it. Bring it on.

Now the shoes. They are super light. On first wear I’m wasn’t sure I would want to wear them for really long runs… I feel like I want a shoe that weighs approximately 20% of my own body weight in order to trust that it won’t collapse in on itself after two strides. But I’m looking forward to doing speed work (it’s all relative) in them. They have ‘5k PB’ written all over them!*

*(they actually have ‘fresh foam’ written all over them**)

**(not really ‘all over them’ so much as ‘on the heel’…and maybe inside a bit)

This time next week Junethon begins. Daily exercise and blogging = daily randomness. Can’t see me lasting the month, but I’ll enjoy giving it a go again.

  1. I have to say that I am slightly disappointed by the lack of an actual onesie but reluctantly have to admit that the kit looks pretty cool. I like the hole for the thumb thing, kind of works like gloves in the winter.

  2. aliceruns says:

    You one lucky runner! It looks great, the thumb hole is good also for the windy fall/spring runs when it’s too warm for gloves but too cold for a short sleeve… The kit looks amazing!

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