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Posted: June 8, 2015 in Juneathon, not running
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Put the running on hold for a minute…

Sunday 7th June saw me and my son travel to the Nottingham Tennis Centre to compete in a child(10&under)&relative mini-tennis (red ball) doubles tennis tournament.

Along with all the other pairs there (about 30), we were invited to go along after having won a more local event initially (for us, this was about a month ago).

The tournament was to run alongside the qualifying weekend of the Nottingham Open so we were playing on courts next to where the likes Agnieszka Radwanska and Daniela Hantuchova were getting some hitting practise in.


(this is not them)

I won’t go into the whole format but essentially there were 4 groups, a ’round robin’ took place for each group and depending on where you finished in the group there was then a knockout type competition for the top pairings, middle pairings or lower pairings.

We finished top of our group despite losing a match and despite my son falling onto his hand during the final game.  However, we went on to win our quarter final game too.

One more win and we were in the final. It was all very exciting!


(We didn't play in this court)

Except it was not to be.

I could give you a point by point run down of the match here, but I shall summarise just by saying…

competitive dad.

The third place play off was a much more enjoyable affair, though we just lost that one too.

So fourth place. We’re happy with that.
Plus, we were fed…

…got free parking right by the entrance, got to see some great tennis, and professional tennis player Shelby Rogers (world number 70) did a Q&A with the kids and was really great with them. She’s playing in Nottingham Open main draw this week and has qualified for Wimbledon too. As long as she isn’t playing Heather Watson, I shall be cheering her on.
My son had taken an oversized tennis ball for autographs… which was obviously an excuse for a promotional shot it seemed.

Oh…and I didn’t put enough suncream on…

So that was all yesterday (Sunday 7th June). Today (Monday 8th) I played tennis for 3 hours myself after work today. I then came home, read bedtime stories and then ate the entire contents of the fridge.

Juneathon week one – done.

  1. running-along-behind-puffing says:

    I take it from your (lack of) comment that the competitive dad wasn’t you! Well done anyway. What a great experience for you and the lad.

  2. shazruns says:

    No sun cream or no washing? Hard to tell! Sounds
    Like you had a good day. Lad is certainly growing up.

  3. Well done in the tennis! I am so bad at tennis that I need a ball about as big as the one your son has in order to actually hit the thing so I’m always impressed that other people can actually not just hit the ball but get it over the net too. I’m easily impressed. So much so in fact that I mention you in my blog today https://runmaggiecooper.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/power-failure/

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