Ten(ish) out of ten

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Juneathon, not running
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On day 10 of my Juneathon month of daily activity, I once again played tennis (and I once again repeated the ‘ten(ish)’ title because I am boring and lazy mostly).

That is something that you may not know about me because normally my posts are so dynamic and interesting? Yes… well…

I was recently nominated by another blogger RunMaggieCooper to share a few facts about me and link to some other interesting blogs that I read.

Well, I am even less into chain type things than she is, but having said that, I enjoyed reading her post so here is a link back to it.

I won’t go nominating other folk but will add links to other blogs over the next couple of weeks (I’ve been a bit rubbish on the ‘reading blogs‘ side of things this Juneathon, but I do try to read a few each day and comment or ‘like’ if I have stopped by).

Back to day ten, anyway…as you might have gathered, it was tennis again. This time – a league match for my local club. Four decent sets (about 3 hours) of tennis. The best bit was coming back from 4-0 down in one set to eventually win on the tie-break (9-7). Yay!

It felt good to have done decent exercise as that morning I went to the farm with my daughter and ended up eating a full english breakfast for lunch (in addition to my earlier breakfast) and most of my daughter’s lunch (a giant sausage roll) too.

The plan was to eat a light, healthy dinner…except as I headed home, my hard-working wife text to say she hadn’t eaten yet and could I perhaps pick up a takeaway on my return.

I didn’t needed much (any) persuading!


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