Why running injuries are like losing your wallet.

Posted: January 9, 2016 in cycling, Injury, not running, running

Bare with me while…. Err… Bear with me… Err… Stay with both me and any nearby bears who currently may or may not be wearing clothes, while I explain the whole wallet/injury thing.

Now, I may either have a little niggle, or possibly a life-changing medical condition.

I do most definitely have a tendency to exaggerate however (I’ve been told a million times to stop doing it), so none of this should be taken too seriously. I hope.

It’s a foot pain, basically. It came on very suddenly about a week ago. Specifically – on my 4th MTP joint (underside of foot, the bony bit of the toe next to my little one where it meets the rest of the foot) making placing a bare (definitely ‘bare’ this time) foot to the floor feel like I’m stamping on a piece of Lego.

Yes. Stamping on Lego.

That bad.

So naturally  I immediately presume that I have developed aggressive, sudden-onset sero-positive erosive rheumatoid arthritis.

In a similar way, I thought my wallet was in my shorts pocket after my night run to the 24hr supermarket the other day…but the following day when I came to wash them, it wasn’t. So naturally I presumed that I dropped it and its contents (including £40 cash I’d just got from the machine) somewhere on the route home.

I go through stages of ‘wallet loss’ . These include

1) Oh my goodness! Panic! Cancel my cards. We can only live off stale bread and water until we have saved the money to repay this dreadful loss.

2) OK…think! This always happens. It’s not where you thought it was but you’ve probably just absent-mindedly put it in the fridge instead of the milk or something.

3) Right! Panic again. Not in the fridge. Check other pairs of shorts in case you were mistaken about which ones you were wearing. No luck. Check pairs of shorts not worn for a year – just in case. Nope.

4) OK. Stay calm. It nearly always turns up. You have just now looked everywhere it could possibly be (and even some places it couldn’t possibly be) mmmm…face it. It could actually be proper lost this time.

5) It’s still not found. No point getting angry at your own carelessness. Try to be happy for the lucky person that has just found £40, and hope that they really needed it). Time for bed. Try to sleep well. Don’t be angry with yourself or the world. It will change mothing.

6) Oh there it is! (Under the pillow with the headphones I’d taken out of my pocket when I got back from the run) I was never really worried. I knew it would be somewhere.

A pic from my New Year’s day run (in case, like me, you were getting bored with all those words)



Unfortunately, I am still in the equivilent early stages with my injury/niggle. I don’t remember actually doing anything to it… Maybe...there might have been a stone in my shoe that I thought I’d just put up with rather than remove? But it wasn’t that painful or anything.

Now I have just got out of bed (early Sunday morning) and I cannot put any weight on that part of my foot without it feeling like I’m stepping on a pin (obviously a standing-up one, like a drawing pin …or a tack… – this is more painful than standing on a pin that is lying flat on the floor. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if it was only that painful).

You see, I’m trying to be light about it because I hope that in a few days it it’ll turn out that it’s just been some sort of bone bruise that goes away, never to return, and I can laugh about how I was getting all melodramatic about it for no reason.

It seems ok when it’s cushioned. I can even run on it, though I’m being sensible and trying not to…

I went for a bike ride on Friday afternoon, to do a spot of geocaching…and fell off for the first time in ages…coming down this very tame (but very slippy/muddy) hill…

The thing is, that hill has a canal at the bottom and although not-braking was necessary for staying-uprightness, there was also a requirement for corner-turning in order to prevent removing-self-from-canal-with-bike-ness.
I stayed upright mostly.
The bike didn’t.
I felt sorry for my bike.
So I promptly joined it on the canal path floor.
In that muddy puddle just there.

I just ‘enjoyed’ wallowing in the mud for a bit before checking my actual, proper ‘I know where this injury is from, I just fell off my bike’ type injuries and then took  the above picture… followed by the one below, to try and show that the hill felt steeper than it looked!

I was able to cycle most of the way home, stopping off to buy some good for the evening meal. But on exiting the shop realised my front true was now totally flat. Unusually having headed out with no puncture repair kit (which of course guarantees getting a puncture that needs repairing!) I had to run and push the bike (and my now full backpack) the remaining 3 miles home in order to still be able to collect little people from school. I was shattered. But the foot felt fine while I was running in my nicely cushioned trainers.

I gave parkrun a miss on Saturday but I’ve got a tennis match today. Could be fun :-/

I hope my next post reports how the foot pain has totally disappeared. If not, it looks like the cycling and swimming might get better.

[Edit. …and of course, for the record… it’s ‘bear‘ with. No stripping off, here!]

  1. shazruns says:

    Could it be Gout? Is it inflamed? For a moment I thought you were going to say the wallet was under your foot! Glad you found it though.

    • Nothing visible at all. If it is something more serious than a temporary niggle (and I am still in the comparative wallet stage of ‘it’s probably in one of those other pairs of shorts’) I think it’s most likely osteoarthritis …mmmm…except pain definitely worse first thing rather than after use, which is a concern.

  2. Daisy says:

    Would be very unusual type of pain for osteoarthritis. Sounds more like Morton’s neuroma is a possibility from what you have written – check out the NHS choices article on it to see if this rings any bells http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/mortonsneuroma/Pages/Introduction.aspx

    Definitely worth seeing your GP or physio next week if it doesn’t settle with a bit of ibuprofen, rest and comfortable shoes.

  3. I had something very similar happen in 2011 to my left foot a couple of weeks before a marathon, mine turned out to be a bruised metatarsalgia brought about by Morton’s Neuroma http://patient.info/health/metatarsalgia Foot doc initially feared it was a stress fracture but thankfully the x-rays didn’t show any signs of one. He wrapped it up with strategic foam padding and told me to use my own judgement about running–helped that he was a triathlete that I cycled with on the weekends 🙂 Definitely worth getting the stress fracture ruled out though.

    By the way, we must live quite near each other because we run the same paths a lot, I always look forward to seeing your pics.

  4. RunYoung50 says:

    You might like to read my blog post from 2013 which contained the words “rheumatoid arthritis” and “metatarsalgia” http://runyoung50.co.uk/faster-at-fifty/ I well remember the sensation of having a stone in my shoe – in fact at the start I even took my shoe off to look for it. My podiatrist now thinks it’s Morton’s Neuroma. It’s not a constant pain for me and it’s never stopped me running but I am a bit wary of the next few months when I plan to increase my distance. Katie

    PS I don’t wear heels any more. But presumably that wouldn’t be problem for you?

  5. plustenner says:

    your posts do make me chuckle! yay for finding the wallet, boo for the foot injury. hope it is sorted soon x

  6. Rest and get it sorted before the trips to the Physio are much worse than Wallet loss!

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