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Wii fat!

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Diet, Janathon, not running
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So I went on the Wii Fit for the first time in ages.


I was trying to work out the correct past tense for the verb ‘to Wii Fit’ (which is of course actually really a verb, honest guv).

There was ‘Wii fitted’ (which I nearly did when I saw my ‘progress’)


But I settled on ‘Wii Fat’ for obvious reasons…


A pretty accurate reflection given the current state of play.

Still… All was not lost…


I’ll happily settle for ‘relatively good condition’ at this stage.

I burned off about 400 calories too (which is just short of those 4 Penguin bars I’ve eaten!).


New Fitness Shoes

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Diet, Janathon

I bought some of those shoes that get you fit…


… Oh yes, people! NotMuchOfaSleeper is now on the move 🙂

Oh… and I did one of those plank things for 2 minutes.

I have had an annoying pain for about a year now. It’s not very big but it has got bigger and stopped me feeling human and has definitely limited my running of late…

I could be talking about my daughter but I actually refer to a non-descript lower abdo / groin pain, occasionally sharp, which will seem fine until I run, and then I struggle to sit up in bed the next morning, hence I’m here tapping away at the iPod now, I guess.

Random, unrelated comment follows:
Crumbs it’s windy outside!
End of random, unrelated comments

Anyway, the night before last Notmuchofasleeper woke at 2:30am and despite all usual methods tried, was still awake at 4:00, at which point I decided “if I’m going to be awake and exhausted, I might as well lose some weight at the same time”. So I got the pushchair out and went for a run with her, returning about 3 whole hours later.

In hindsight, I could have run around the estate, let her fall asleep and return to my bed…. But I didn’t want to be a parent who falls into a trap of having to take my baby out in the pushchair just to get her to sleep… Oh no. Instead, I wanted to be a parent who is so dedicated to occasionally randomly running 15 miles, for no particular reason other than he’s going a but mad and even though he hasn’t run in ages, that he has to take the pushchair out in the pitch blackness at 4:30am to do so.

I ran past our new house to be. It still looked nice, and the area didn’t feel dodgy at night,
…so that’s good.

We still don’t have a date to move though and our buyer is requesting random information such as written permission from the council for a dropped kerb (which, as an ex-council house, we presume they might already know about)
… So that’s not so good.

Notmuchofasleeper did indeed of course sleep through the whole episode and then woke up 5 mins after we got home. Typical.

In weight-loss news… Things are very slow, but moving in the right direction (a bit like an elephant seal on the beach, heading back to water – ha! I sort of got the elephant reference in for no particular reason) and the early morning run would have helped, but unfortunately a family outing to Frankie&Bennies’s, a full rack of ribs, waffles&ice-cream, 2 pints and polishing off others’ left-overs, pretty much cancelled out the benefits!


I have been trying out a myfitnesspal app. on the iPod to help keep track of calories in/out…. based on a goal of getting to under 90kg before Christmas. My run day ended only 23 calories in credit!
I’m currently about 96kg (still 4 better than 100 I suppose!) which still makes me clinically obese based on my height…. but I’ve already gone on about that before I think.

I stated on twitter a while back, that I would not tweet again until I was less than 90kgs. I didn’t tweet a lot anyway so I don’t think I’m missed but I did enjoy it occasionally so believe it or not, it is still part of my motivation… as is the fact that in the back of my mind, somewhere in that perfect, imaginary world where I have no random stomach pain, I would still like to do a triathlon before I’m 40… and I’d definitely need to lose weight before that happens… that and learn how to swim properly of course.

Til next time,

First of all perhaps we’ll deal with this week’s snack snaps… I think I must have missed a few photos off this time around. There’s not many photos compared with other weeks. Maybe I’m not eating as much, or phone not charged or forgetfulness or laziness may play some part. As you can see there are still a few pics of beer, fish & chips, TWO maple pecan Danish pastries (that was actually my dinner on one very late trip back from work) so I’ve not been hiding things from you. I think will be super strict with making sure I take pics of all I consume this next week but then that’ll be it. I think 4 weeks is plenty.

Week 3

And so onto the running: Had a great week this week despite NotMuchOfaSleeper being a bit poorly and waking lots during the night and taking ages to settle and being sick and then pretending she’s ok and waiting til she’s all changed before being sick again and then weeing on me and then going to sleep five minutes before NotMuchOfaSitStiller (I have eventually come up with this name for my boy) then wakes up…. anyway… where was I?… running… yes… despite all this I had a really good run on Wednesday. I normally play badminton on Wednesdays but having got all ready to go, I remembered that there was blood doning in the sports hall so no sports clubs were meeting this week. I therefore decided a short run was in order and headed out of the door eventually at 9:30pm.

An hour and a half later I returned, having run about 10 miles (I don’t know precisely, as my ipod and consequently my Nike+ had been out of action since Janathon). I also was pleased that scales revealed a 2011 record (albeit artificial due to inadequate hydration) low of 94.7kg. Even after Janathon it wasn’t that low as my grumpy scales were quick to remind me. I’d love it to be in the 80’s really (though maybe perhaps without the dodgy haircut and bad dancing).

My colleague at work scared me the other day… she apparently did just the swim element of an Ironman triathlon last year. It’s 2.4 miles! AND there’s a cut off of 2 hours 20 mins! She did it really well – in just over an hour apparently – but I did a session at the pool last week and just about managed a 1km in 45 minutes. That’s er… er…. … 3.9 km.. is …err…45 times 3.9… err.. 175 minutes which is… err…nearly 3 hours… which is…
Multi-styled Text Generator at

And that’s even if I can continue at that pace! Apparently, they fish you out of the water and your whole race is over if you’re too slow on the swim. And this is before the stupid bike ride and marathon run. Some serious thinking to do… or some serious pool work… or both.

Some serious respect at this point going out to Sister Madonna Buder a nun, who at the 2006 Hawaii Ironman, at age 76, became the oldest woman ever to complete the race, finishing with a time of 16:59:03 (57 seconds before the 17 hour cut off!)

Food photo friday

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Diet

… I have to confess, there are a few Penguins missing off this montage and I was out for the day today and missed a whole load of photos. But today aside, this is a pretty accurate summary of week two.
First glances suggest… once again… far too much coffee and not enough water.

That is THE goal for next week.

You WILL see more water.

(And I may even write something about running again)

I haven’t got anything to write, I’m just trying to avoid coffee Penguin straws… I’ve had three already today…

…and I now feel like the two outer penguins look.

If you have never tried coffee penguin straws then I urge you not to continue reading as it will be your downfall!

If you are still with me, you either have done this already or you are about to join with us on a journey on which self-control is not a welcome travel companion.

The process is simple:
1) make a cup of coffee
2) bite both ends off a Penguin (If you are reading this thinking “!!!???!!!” then a ‘Penguin’ is a chocolate biscuit bar and is my preferred tool for a coffee straw, but this works well with any chocolate covered biscuit confectionary with sufficiently thick chocolate and sufficiently porous biscuit to allow transference of liquid between its walls when a sufficient pressure differential exists from ‘head’ of Penguin [or substitute] to ‘tail’)
3) dip one end of the Penguin into the coffee
4) suck the other end
5) shove the whole penguin into your mouth before it melts/falls apart/makes a mess of your clothes
6) enjoy
7) repeat
8) get fat

Pretty much every time a Penguin appears in this week’s food photo friday (coming soon), you can assume is about to become a straw. Next week – no coffee Penguin straws allowed!

P.S I have just done a quick google search and there is loads of people out there who have done this and I think it may be referred to as a ‘tim-tam slam’ in other parts of our world…. I’ll have to look up ‘tim-tam’ now… hang on…

Ha… … what d’ya know… it looks like a penguin!

Back in action – nearly

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Diet, running, Triathlon

Well the back is steadily improving and I have a day off tomorrow (with grandparents still free, willing and able to continue childcare duties) so I intend to either:


Go swimming (I’ve not been swimming for a very long time)


Go for a bike ride (I’ve not ridden a bike for a very long time)


Go for a long run (I’ve not done one for a week)


Do my own, personal triathlon (I’ve never done one of them, ever)


Stay at home and do home things (I ought to do that more often than I do)


Learn the alphabet properly (I mistakenly thought I already had)

I have also been looking into where I can go swimming outdoors nearby(ish) but I don’t really know what rules are about a madman just jumping into the nearest lake, not that I’d particularly fancy the nearest lake as I’d no doubt get impalled impailed impayled impaled (aha!) by a shopping trolley or something. Maybe the second nearest lake? Or if anyone reading this knows anywhere in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire that’s good for a little dip then let me know, thanks.

As you can see above, I’ve accumulated the first week’s food fest photo into one picture and although I’ve not been perfect in the past week, this week has stared even worse but you’ll have to wait til next weekend to see that picture (there is at least one occasion of late-night raiding of toast and chocolate spread).

Well, I’d best hop on the wagon again and hold on tight. I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I told ‘NotAtAllaRunner’ about my plan to do a triathlon, specifically my eventual goal of wanting to do an Ironman and was met with perhaps what can best be described as a face of high eyebrow raisedness…

.. we’ll see.