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Currently curled up on the sofa feeling a bit worse for wear.
I had taken today off work anyway, using up the last of my annual leave, and now, typically I’m spending it very unproductively.

If I had actually eaten anything then… well… let’s not go there right now.
In case silent accusations are afoot, I must clarify that this is by no means self-inflicted. So you are allowed to feel a bit sorry for me if you like.
(too needy?… Mmmm)

I have been enjoying reading lots of blogs, especially as it’s now reaching crunch time for folks training for VLM.  Some nervous, some exited, some loving it, some ill or injured and wondering if they’ll recover in time… and then there’s me, not feeling any of those things and not sure whether I miss it or not.

You know, I think I do.

So… To decide what?

I still have a mad idea to do an Ironman triathlon before I’m 40 but I think a few intermediate steps are required first.
I have been trying to swim twice a week at my local pool and the other day I managed to get down there early and complete over 2 miles in 1.5 hours.
The swim aspect of the triathlon was what had worried me most but I am slowly becoming more confident with it.
Open water is another matter though so maybe an Olympic distance tri? There’s one in Doncaster later this year.

Cycling… Well that’s as easy as riding a bike isn’t it?

Running… Mmmm… This really, really REALLY would be greatly improved if I needed to carry a stone or so less around a course.

Now I haven’t written anything here recently as I like to record some sort of progress. I had managed to get down to below 90kg in January but have struggled to return to that again.
I think I shall check in a little more regularly now though. Even if nobody reads it. Just to keep track of what is working and what isn’t.

I have about 4 years before I’m 40. That’s an awful lot of waffle between now and then!



Nipple Cripple

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I started watching a programme on channel 5 yesterday evening called something like “50 shocking facts about diet and exercise” …in fact, it was called exactly that because I just checked, which is the useful thing about posting stuff to the internet – you can actually check things and get them right.

Unfortunately, the makers of said programme, whilst supposedly reporting “facts”, said things like, “bananas can kill you!!!”…

…yeah, like if you eat so many you can no longer breathe….

…and if you go to the gym you will get mrsa and spend your life in hospital and grow old and lonely with no friends…

…and if you eat healthy, organic stuff, you’ll probably eat slugs and maggots without realising…

…and you might need an ambulance for jogger’s nipple…

…and if you run you will die! (Which is technically true but so is the statement that we will die if we don’t run. They might as well have said, “everyone, at some point, will die.”)

I got so fed up with the programme that I turned it off pretty quickly but enjoyed the banter which followed on twitter (#50facts)

So… Being the rebel that I am… Being hardcore… Being the daredevil, live life on-edge, eat breakfast with fear, lunch with adrenaline and dinner with danger, kind of crazy-brained experience-junkie that I am…



OOOOOooooo… I know!

I thought I’d be safe.

Expecting that the worst outcome would be similar to my 2010 London marathon experience (see below)


…but no…

…I should have paid more attention to the TV…

…The abrasive power of cotton completely severed my torso…


…resulting in my inevitable untimely demise!

So… I’m sorry about that. I was hoping to run a little more than just two days in January.


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As I write this (pants!), I am the not-so-proud owner of a very painful tooth, as I sit in the waiting room of my (arse!) dentist’s surgery trying to second guess the fate of my (crikey me!) gnashers… In my expert (balls!) professional opinion, I think – abscess… and from what a friend was telling me – root (yowsers!) canal work… Oh joy.
I’m in pain, by the way, proper full-on pain, so sorry for the uncharacteristic obscenities littered amongst this (crappity-crap!) post. It is really a means of distraction for me right now.


I obviously didn’t get to finish my post on friday.  I got called through… but I thought I’d leave it in this post.

Well I was half right… After some prodding, a bit more pain, questions and an x-ray, it was confirmed that it is indeed an abscess but due to the size, positioning, and likely success (or not) of root canal work, I’ve been told i could still go for root canal work, but I’ve been advised towards extraction. Suits me! ‘Get rid as soon as possible’ I said. And I was given a prescription for antibiotics and advised to get some stronger painkillers.

It’s a lower-right molar so I don’t mind a gap there and I certainly don’t want this thing coming back. It is more painful than running mile 23 of the London Marathon in 2005 when I was undertrained, overweight, and very unfit… and that was painful!… 5.5 hours it took me that year :-S !

Anyway… this appointment had been with a new dentist as my regular one at the practice is on his holidays, but in booking back with my regular one for the extraction, it will be 3 weeks, oh except I’m on my holiday then so we make it a week later.

… As I walked down the road to the pharmacy for my antibiotics, the effects of all the prodding and biting down on x-ray plates started to cause me to pause to collect myself together a number of times before continuing. However, when the lady behind the counter told me it would be a 15 min wait AND, as she didn’t have a working til, I would have to now join the back of the regular shop queue which was now 5 people long… THAT’S when it began to hit me in a big way…. The combination of the pain, the two nights of very poor sleep and the prospect of it continuing for another month, meant that by the time I got to the front of the queue, I was in danger of making a real public idiot of myself!

… have you ever been in a fight? Not necessarily recently, but ever? You know how you’re all pumped-up and ready for whatever comes at you, to give as good as you get, and all that macho stuff… Well I don’t know what it’s like as an adult because I’ve not been in a ‘grown-up fight’ (oxymoron??) but I have as a child, and once the fight had stopped, regardless of the outcome and the presence or absence of injury, I felt an uncontrollable urge to burst into tears, even though that is a very bad thing to do when you’re at school…

I think I looked something like this

…Well it was like that now at the front of the queue for painkillers. With tears in my eyes, I managed (quite easily I think) to explain to the elderly lady serving that I was in pain, and that something stronger than paracetamol and ibuprofen would be appreciated.  She was lovely, and I left with some stuff that you can’t take for more that 3 days in case you get addicted to it (that runs out tomorrow by the way), and a resolve to go back to the dentist to request politely that perhaps I might be seen earlier than in 4 weeks time.  I needed a few minutes composure time before walking back into the dentist… so that I could actually talk… but result – only have to wait for a week now – with another different dentist – but look at my face… is it bothered?… It is not.

Running has been one of the last things on my mind at present.  However, since the end of Juneathon I have put on weight and been very undisciplined about exercise so, whilst still undisciplined, I have just not felt like eating much so the weight is back to a Juneathon-finishing fighting weight (Slightly below clinically obese but still in the overweight category – apparently!)

I have signed myself up for the Marathontalk magic mile, mind you. And before all this tooth stuff kicked in I had done a couple of mile-long runs with the buggy (an 8:20 and an 8:30) and one without the buggy (7:31), but I haven’t been following the 6 week  recommended free speed-training programme provided on the Marathontalk site. So it will be interesting to see if I get time to actually improve things before the first week in August when I have to give it flat-out effort.  I’ll let you know.

As for the press-ups…?… well… these also ceased since the toothache started. I managed 50 in one go before it all kicked off but I’ve had fever and muscle weakness accompanying the abscess so not most condusive to any sort of training really. I might try again now though, cos I feel I could, just to see…

…hang on…

… ok… I just managed to equal the 50… happy with that for now… but I really don’t think 100 is anywhere in sight at the moment.

If I don’t post again before next weekend, it means I’ve died on the dentist’s chair.

Enjoyment :-)

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I’ve really enjoyed my running recently…

I eventually got round to downloading the audiofuel track made available to Janathon participants this year.  It was the  pyramid 180 max interval training track and I loved it! It was 22 minutes of varied running, mixing increasing intensity sprints with rest periods before gradually winding its motivational sprinting neck back in again…. like.. errr.. a pyramid. Spot the difference:

Pic 1)

Pic 2)

Anyway, point is, I actually really enjoyed it, to the point of maybe reconsidering my opinions in a previous post detailing my kind of interval training.

Also, yesterday I had to take my wife’s car to the garage for its service and MOT…. Now for some reason, we still take it to one that’s miles away, near where my wife previously lived (with the out-laws) and I guess we trust them and don’t want to risk a move…. anyway, it does provide a good excuse for a 5-6 mile run home with a few hills thrown in for good measure. Oh and I love running in the early morning in the frost ‘cos it makes me feel more hardcore than I know I am! And I can take photos that don’t do it justice but that I can include in a blog post…


Not loving the sore throat this morning, I have to say. Well I didn’t HAVE to say it, but I just did. Tennis match tonight too. Hope I feel better before then.

Finally just a little note…

Is anyone out there running the London Marathon this year? Raising money for charity? If you wear adidas trainers you can get yourself an extra £40 for your charity – no sweat!… well.. you know. Basically if you register beforehand and then wear you adidas shoes over the fish line, the give £40.  Might be worth considering.