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It was that 10k on Sunday last week. You know… the one I’ve been tapering for six months for… laying down the adipose tissue for added insulation from the cold.

I wasn’t feeling all that great beforehand as you might know if you read my last post.  Basically I’d managed to do something to my back in the process of getting out of a car last week.  I really wasn’t sure if it would be possible so on Saturday night, I managed a little 3k run/walk to ‘test it out’ and I figured – ‘if I can get out of bed in the morning then I’ll do the run’.

Well, I could get out of bed in the morning and so I did indeed head off for the run.

It was busy. Well over 600 runners and the usual mad scramble at the start with people trying to beat their 400m record in the first minute of a 10k race. Silly.

At least one person took a dive in those initial stages. I didn’t see it but I heard a ‘…*slip*…*splat*…’ and then a collective… ‘OooOoooooo’ from somewhere behind me and to my left.

It soon thinned out and I got into a nice rhythm. The back wasn’t giving me any pain but I was aware that I am heavier now than I have been in a long while.

This was one of those races that I entered about six months ago as an incentive to lose some weight… and then did absolutely nothing about it.

Not wanting to be too negative here, I shall say that it’s a new training method…

THE THEORY: My access to altitude training is somewhat limited, so if I run whilst overweight, the additional stresses placed on my heart and lungs will simulate the increased oxygen requirement achieved by the much more expensive option of running in the Andes… or Nepal… or wherever it is that altitude training is done (can you tell I’ve really researched the science?!).
To be honest I don’t know why more athletes don’t use this method. Oh wait…maybe they do… Cue Steve Redgrave and a packet of Crunchy Nut…

Sorry Steve. But I do notice you have 5 gold medals there. 

(Not sure if he used this training method at the time of winning those. Perhaps not.)

THE OUTCOME: A slightly chubby bloke, making it look like very hard work sprinting for the line to get sub 50 minutes for this 10k… but missing out by 9 seconds.


If only I’d ran that first 400m a bit quicker! 😉


10k  taper ?

Posted: November 19, 2016 in Injury, running
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Tapering? For a 10k? Is that really necessary?

Well, no. No, it isn’t. But that hasn’t stopped me from inadvertently experimenting with it as a tactic. Because, as previous blog posts have shown, I’m a proper science type person an’ that.

Either that, or I just generally haven’t been running much recently and now that 10k I signed up for ages ago has come around.

It’s known as a ‘pudding run’. Intended to have connotations of Christmas and because you get a Christmas pudding instead of a medal at the end.

It is  NOT called that because it is run by puddings. Except for me, that is.

I feel like a right pudding, currently. Caught in a bit of a cycle of being a bit overweight, making running harder, not enjoying running as much, not running as much (/eating all the food), being a bit overweight, etc. I decided to hit the gym a bit for some variety.

Don’t worry, I shall not bore you with tales of my reps and weights and sessions and motivational quotes and the like (yawn). Suffice to say I do a variety of things and do a few circuits of said variety. I was feeling stronger and generally quite good… until I attempted something a little beyond me…

…That ‘something’ was getting out of the car on Thursday last week.

Yes…I don’t know why I thought I was capable of exiting a vehicle on my own without anyone to spot me.  Doing so without a warm-up was clearly just sheer recklessness. The result was an initially mild ‘mmm…That twinges a bit’ that gradually intensified into a ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be able to paint my toenails put my own socks on again!’. 

I don’t really know what I’ve done exactly but it’s somewhere between having my spine ripped out (like on the retro computer game Mortal Combat) and maybe pulling a bit of a muscle.

So here I am three days post-injury, and able to walk at least, but really not sure about tomorrow’s 10k. I still have hope… Especially since immediately following that, I have a tennis match to play.  That is ‘immediately after’ as in I have warned my tennis partner to expect to see mud-splattered legs when she’s serving.

If I’m honest, and I had to choose between the run and playing tennis, I’d choose tennis. But:

 1) I’m greedy and I want to do both.

2) I’m tight and I’ve paid for the run already.

3) If I do do the run and then find I cannot play tennis/walk/breathe properly, my son (aged 10) would likely do a good job of standing in for me in the tennis and I’d enjoy watching him.

I shall no doubt write a blog post next week about how it’s ALWAYS the right thing to rest an injury.
I’ll keep you posted.


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I decided the other day that my daily exercise has been far too sensible so I decided to buy a packet of these…  

…draw one out (at random) and tailor my exercise accordingly to match.

Except…I got this…

  …which to me, looks like a tennis racquet. So I played tennis on Friday. Hardly random for me recently.

On Thursday I went for a run. I felt like putting a a bit of effort in and upped the pace from my usual plod. Some roads, but mostly track/canal path so predominantly flat but with occasional short hills… and it felt good.
I covered 10k in 48:55 (which for me is a PB) so I celebrated by sitting on the picnic bench outside of a newly opened village tea room, relaxing with my purchases and enjoying the countryside 🙂

Very pleasant…

But not very random…

What I really need is for someone to have set up scarecrow version of Tommy Cooper in their front garden or something…

…just like that.

Heart racing

Posted: August 19, 2012 in running
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I had an eventful weekend…

On my jollies in beautiful Devon, I decided, perhaps stupidly, to enter a 10km trail run courtesy of Moretonhampstead carnival.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dartmoor, in the South-West of the UK, it is basically a load of hills, broken up with occasional pubs and coffee shops selling tea and scones (by the way…however you care to pronounce the word ‘scone’ the other way always sounds more posh… Unless you are posh, in which case the other way always sounds more common).

Here is the route, (like you care!)


And here is the (unofficial) profile…

I was, therefore, expecting a solid, negative split! (It didn’t happen).

I’ve not ran cross-country since I was in school, and I only have some rather worn, road shoes. And I don’t really do ‘hills’. And my thighs still rub more than a rubbing thing that has graduated from rubbing university with a honours degree in rubbing.
(I was getting all my excuses in early)

The footwear turned out to be irrelevant really. The most important factor was how tightly you could tie your laces so as not to lose your trainers in this…


The run started well, although the narrow paths meant no overtaking was possible during the early stages (cue an athletic gate vault with pike and full double twist* from yours truly to make up a few places while others patiently queued to negotiate a style)…

*some embellishment may have been used.

…and my legs were coping well with the hills after all. They have since informed me that they were not coping well at all and I was merely distracted by my painful knee (which I had clonked during the gate vault but had not wanted to acknowledge due to embarrassment).

I also made the fatal error of hanging on to my plastic cup slightly too long after the drink station (4km in) so as not to be able to leave it in the close vicinity for ready clearance by the lovely volunteer marshals, and ended up hanging on to it for the next 4km, before passing the drinks people again. Moorland littering avoided.


So it wasn’t going to be a 10k PB, and I wasn’t going to win, but it was going well…


…about 1km from the finish…

Me: “Oh hello!… Everything ok?” (daft question… Clearly it wasn’t!)

Person kneeling on floor next to man: “Well he’s got a pulse but he’s unconscious!…are you a doctor?”

… Well I’m not, but I work in a hospital and I am fairly confident with my Basic Life Support so I offered my assistance.

I was told runner in front of me had already passed by and had continued on to the finish to tell folks there to get an ambulance. Other runners had also stopped and were supporting the man in the recovery position as best as possible on the muddy, rocky path.

I carried out the basic checks – pulse and breathing were present but otherwise he was completely unresponsive. I tried to cool his head with my T-shirt soaked in water from the nearby stream before remembering I actually had a phone with me!, (because clearly I enjoy carrying extra weight around with me on a run) and so I made the necessary 999 call and was told an air-ambulance was on its way. We continued to monitor him.

When assessing responsiveness, you can refer to AVPU:


And you tend to want the person to be alert or at least responding to voice (A or V)

You don’t want them in the PU.

And this chap was deeply in the PU!

I’ll gloss over the details such as being vomitted on while awaiting assistance… and skip on to praise the speedy arrival of the Devon Air Ambulance which managed to land on a small patch of grass on the hillside and who (obviously) calmly took over the gentleman’s care and with oxygen applied, managed to get him out of the PU.

He was responding to voice when we were asked to give them space and were sent on our way to complete the last bit of the run (or walk the dog or something, as the first person on the scene to begin first aid was a walker I think. Well done that woman).

No idea of my time. Irrelevant – obviously.

I have checked the race website and local news for an update on this guy but found nothing, so I hope it is not too presumptuous to assume that that is good news.


…there you go.



I just heard that the man concerned was discharged from hospital that evening, but off work for a week and not to drive for a month.

…but on Easter Monday I entered myself and NotMuchOfaSitStiller into a 2km family run in Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

NotAtAllaRunner did not take part however, and was grateful for NotMuchOfaSleeper requiring some attention I think and she was happy to watch (though in hindsight, she said would have preferred I drive us all for 2 hours to go to Bridlington for the day… I preferred the 20mins into Nottingham, personally!)

Well… the little man did us proud and he completed the 2km course under his own steam, (though not continually running, I admit) in a time of 12 minutes.

Here is is with me on the first hill…

Yeah! Go on my son 🙂


And on the last hill…



And at the end…

Easter egg.... in bag... not...letting...go...

After a further 10 minutes or so, it was my turn. A 10km run. Two marked out laps of the park.

Which is good, because having never actually raced a 10k before it allowed me to take it steady for the first lap and then work out how much I had left and roughly what I could give to the second.
In hindsight, I think I could have paced it out a bit more to be honest, as I made myself a deal on the second lap…

….It was that if I overtook anyone, I would work like Billy.O
(whoever he is… or ‘she’ I suppose if it’s like Billie Piper, but not actually Billie Piper because her surname begins with ‘P’ and not ‘O’)
…anyway, I’d work like Billy.O … to not let them pass me back!

Since I have a rubbish memory of who I had and had not actually overtaken, I just made sure I stayed in front of all those already behind me.

Anyway, I gradually turned the speed up and still had enough for a pretty decent sprint finish at the end:

...gotta be a sprint finish, right?

I’m the super speedy looking one 😉
Excuse the poor quality pic but the original made it look like I was far, far away. To be fair, NotAtAllaRunner did have a little one to battle with on the other arm at point of snapping it, so I’m grateful she managed to take one at all 🙂

I think I like 10k runs.

I think I’ll do another one.

I can cope with pain for 52 mins (which is what it took me) much better than I can cope with it for 4.5 hours (latest marathon) and if I get quicker that’s even less time right? Sod it… let’s skip all this inbetween stuff and I’ll start entering 100m races instead! Right?