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Hello. Welcome. Take a seat.

Oh and leave the door open, someone else may be along in a minute or two.
If you’ve not been here before then chances are you are connected to the juneathon challenge…if so, an extra welcome to you.
I hope you stick around.
If you do then you’re either in for a random treat of running randomness… Or…
…actually…no…. there is no ‘or’… A treat of running randomness is what this is.

Here is a picture of a bridge on this morning’s run…

See. Random.

And here is a photo of me doing some wide-arm press-ups on it…

Sorry… it’s a bit small… What can I say?… I’m shy.

I also took photos of a deer and some rabbits on my run in the early hours if this morning, but here’s how they turned out…

Sorry about that. Wild animals have a habit of not waiting around for the two minutes required for the shutter on my phone’s camera to operate!

There will be a lot of apologies and excuses this month.

So I might as well start with a few more now.

It’s June.
Which means it’s Juneathon.
Which means I am supposed to do exercise and blog everday.
Which means sometimes interesting stuff happens…
…but sometimes it won’t…and I will still have to write something… so for that I also apologise

You may get fed up of random posts.

That’s fine.

It’s ok.

You are free to leave.

However, I hope that by writing and exercising everyday in June. I will be looking out for the interesting, embracing the random and accepting that not all my postings will be the… ahem…literary masterpieces I have come to expect from myself.

My ‘theme’, if any, this year, will be All Or Nothing … I will either be exercising and posting everyday, or it will come to a complete stop. At which point, I will wear sackcloth, eat chocolate and cry into my cup of coffee for the rest of the month.

Tomorrow = a full length picture of me without any clothes on…

(Let’s see how many of you that scares off)

Today’s exercise (so far): 2.2 mile run & press-UPS


Oooo… Lots been going on here:

Firstly, Last week I recently ran a 2k with my son, which I then followed by a 5k myself.
As he is 6 years old, he is in the fortunate position of getting a PB pretty much every time he runs.
I, on the other hand, am not
(…but I still got one – knocking 10 seconds off my previous. Get in!).

Secondly, I have actually, genuinely, properly-like, been getting into a training mindset. I have shunned the car in favour of biking to/from work. It’s 12 miles each way and takes me about 50 mins (although I cycle away from work about 5 minutes quicker!). Admittedly, I only do work there two days a week, but it’s better than nowt.

Thirdly, tennis season has restarted so I have been enjoying a few hours on court this week (and got the opportunity to get centre court Wimbledon tickets for men’s quarter finals day – yes please!).

Fifthly, I have forgotten how to count properly.

Fourthly, with big thanks to some advice from Cathy ‘I’m not all bad’ White – aka JogBlog I have actually become a member of that select (I don’t know how select if I’m a part of it) group of people who get sent decent free stuff to review on their blog so here goes…

It’s running shoes. A pair of New Balance 1080v3 running shoes. A proper, decent, bright blue, full-on pair of genuine, good quality, meant for mileage, made for running, bright blue running shoes.

Did I mention they were bright blue? Maybe this is why I got sent them. Look… Here is their bright blueyness…



Maybe it is actually a very cunning thing to do. I mean, if I have a bright blue pair of running shoes (and I do now), I am less likely to wear them down to the pub on a Friday night, thus avoiding the risk of inadvertent beverage spillage and so increasing the lifespan of the shoe. So… Good idea… I have come around to liking the bright blueness. They do look well-smart.

I confess too, that I have never before worn a pair of New Balance shoes. I know they have a good reputation for running stuff but I have tended to stick with what I know, which is the ‘not-going-for-the-cheapest-option-but-waiting-for-the-expensive-ones-to-be-superseded-by-new-models-and-buy-them-when-they’re-on-offer’ formula.
I have to say, generally, this method has served me well, but when spending money on shoes, even post-discount, you still want a pair that you know will do the job so I guess that’s why I have tended to stick to brands and fittings I am used to. I tell you what though, change is good!

I was advised by the lovely (she is lovely – she sent me some bright blue shoes) Fay at S&X media that although I’d informed her I’m a 10.5 UK size, she’d send me the 11s. She was right. Perfect fit.

(Incidently, I noted recently that Liz Yelling is a size 7.5 but takes a size 9 running shoe. A little fact for you there. You’re welcome.)

These shoes are light too.
Considering the bumpf says they are well-cushioned for high-mileage, I was expecting something heavier. A nice surprise.

I have been told I slightly over-pronate when I’m running (has anyone actually ever really been told anything different?) but on advice of helpful, running-shop-types, I have stuck with a neutral shoe because, as yet, I have not suffered any injury or running related complaint as a result.

(That ^^ up there ^^ was just in case you have my sort of attention span and needed a dinosaur chasing a person to keep you going)

You can read the official blurb on the shoes here but as I have no technical knowledge myself to back up the claims, I will just tell you how it felt…

I ran 7 miles with them last night – comfortable, no injuries, and another 5k PB in the process! Woo hoo, it’s like I’m 6 again!…

…Having since checked the details of the run, I think it’s a bit optimistic actually to have got a PB by two minutes as it registered my penultimate mile as my fastest ever too. Unlikely perhaps, but not impossible as I was running while my boy was at Beavers (young scouts… pre-cubs) and I realised if I didn’t really kick it, I’d be late collecting him.

Well, regardless of the above, I has a great run, like I say. I felt supported and there was a little spring I’m my step which, admittedly, may have been partly due to the fact that I had just been saved the expense of buying a swanky new pair of trainers.

Now I probably shouldn’t say this, purely in case they ever offer to send me more, but I could definitely see myself buying these in the future.
Today, I’m a happy runner.

Till next time,


P.S. I swam 2.5km after than run too. Bring on the triathlons.

I am so ‘all or nothing’!

P.P.S I am pretty sure the postman looked at me in the sort of way that he thought I had ordered something else from the internet…