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Introducing the new

‘Power Runner’ bracelet.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these amazing sports bracelets to review recently and I wore it for the first time during tonight’s 5.2 mile run.

Quite simply, it’s astounding to think that such a simple device consisting of just what at first glance appears to be a rubber band and a paper clip, can actually improve running performance, but that is what the manufacturer claims.


Usually I am not swayed by fancy packaging and advertising campaigns but it’s clear to see that the quality itself is persuasive.

“The elasticity of the double-helix band is in tune with the runner’s DNA and represents the ability of the wearer to transfer potential energy stored within the body” so says the advertising speak. It then continues… “The thermoplastic coated metal elongated spiral (paper clip) represents the ‘attachment’ (a la WORD ’95) that the athlete feels towards his pursuit and therefore by wearing it, bonds himself with his chosen activity and achievement of his goals!”

Wow! Well I don’t know about all that to be honest. But it works, and that’s good enough for me. Another 5.2 miles towards my goal and I think it’s no coincidence that I’m injury-free and actually feel cold-free too…
…and Notmuchofasleeper slept through last night!

Oh, yes people. Here is THE juneathoners little miracle from the wonderful people at:


If you would also like one, then let me know and I’ll have a word with the manufacturers on your behalf. They might do you a discount 😉