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Oh dear!
It has happened again.

I’ve gone all “ALL OR NOTHING” again.

Which is ok when I’m on one side of it. But when I slip down the other side, it’s not.

Since my last post I have made a concerted effort. That is not to say I have stood on a dias and waved a baton around energetically at an orchestra… No, I mean I have been doing things differently.

I run some groups at work in which I am emphasising to people trying to manage chronic conditions that if they change nothing about their current management, nothing will change. Kind of obvious, but strangely hard to embrace. For them. For me too.

Despite my campaign to arrange it so that by merely entering a marathon or some other sporting event there should be some sort of immediate weight loss, nothing has been forthcoming.
So…I ran on Saturday, did a long walk on Sunday, biked 12 miles to work on Monday, biked home again, played tennis for 2 hours, did the same on Tuesday (bike to work and back) but went swimming in the evening instead of tennis…
… I ate well too – I took lunch to work so not tempted to buy naughtiness at the volunteer shop, and I’ve avoided stealing chocolate from my Children’s Easter egg collection over this past week too and I’m due to run 7km on Friday (2k fun run with notmuchofasitstiller followed by a 5k race of my own)…

My reward…

* drum roll *

…1kg weight loss.

Whoop de bleeding do.

Now I know all this stuff about muscle weighing more than fat. I’ve been using that excuse for at least 5 years or so. And I know fitness is still being developed, but this time around I do really want to carry less weight around a marathon.

So I still need to do something different.

What I do NOT need to do is sit down with a coffee before I go to bed and scoff 2 creme eggs.



Like this one... But two of them!


P.S as it’s past midnight, it’s now officially my birthday (that is to say it is just my birthday. I don’t have a real birthday and then a separate ‘official’ birthday. I’m not like the queen or anything. Although I used to live near Sandringham. Which was nice.)