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My body is finely tuned.

It is.

Like a violin can be finely tuned…

… but as with a violin, if I try to create a masterpiece with it, it creates rubbish.

That is what my finely tuned body is doing now 😦

*Snot. Cough. Cold. Splutter.*

For some reason I still offered to take the kids swimming today. We had fun. I didn’t do much swimming, mind. Especially after my son pointed out my bleeding nose (that is to say ‘my nose with blood pouring out of it’ rather than him just being rude and drawing attention to the size of my hooter i.e. “look at your bleedin’ nose!” which incidentally, is normally proportioned).
I’d forgotten about my nosebleeds yesterday. They will continue for a week now 😦

I choose to be positive!

You see, instead of just feeling sorry formyself, alternatively I could take the view that my body knows that I am unable/unwilling to properly train at this time (for a marathon in April), and it is preparing me the best way it knows:

Difficulty breathing
Aching muscles
Inappropriate bleeding
Wondering if it will ever end
Looking dreadful in photos

…Just like a marathon.

Janathon day 3 – involving forced marathon training by way of a cold, swimming, and blood – Done.