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A bit of a janathon and juneathon (if you want the warmer version) tradition is to do a dressing gown dash (see past examples: one (jogblog), two (helsbels), three (one of mine), and four (travelling hopefully). Apologies to countless others I will no doubt have missed).

I had said I would do one of these at a parkrun on January 1st this year.  However I ended up being all energetic and cycling to that parkrun so it was a bit logistically difficult.

I got grief from the self-appointed janathon mafia (Helen) for letting her down, so I hope this makes up for it.

Today, there was no such issue with bikes. I needed to take the car because I had to be home before ten.
It was a different parkrun (so nobody knew me…and it was closer) – not as pretty as Colwick, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, but very friendly smiley volunteers (they might just have been laughing at me, I suppose) and runners alike at Forest Rec parkrun. Thank you all for welcome, folks.

It was tipping it down with rain, but the dressing gown was surprisingly nice to run in actually.
You should try it 😀

So here is the blurry photographic proof…

Mmmm….. So the lovely Marshall person took another…

Double ‘Mmmm….’ (not my bra size, indecently – before anyone suggests so).
Anyway, I was a bit too embarrassed to ask him to take another picture so this will have to do.

And my time for the 5k? … 25:01

Happy with that  🙂