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I know you can’t always take me seriously on here, like the time I extolled the virtues of a fantastic new tennis app or when I reviewed the TRINITO:N sports bracelet but this time I really am giving these away. I’m pretty sure I know what they are, sort of. I knew I didn’t actually want them, but as they were only £3 from my local charity shop, I thought that maybe one of you lovely people might like them.
I was quite happy for the charity shop to have my three pounds anyway, and if nobody does want them then I’ll see if eBay people do (so please don’t ask for these just to put them on eBay yourself, but they’re absolutely free to you if you’d like them for your own use).

PEARL iZUMi leg warmer thingies (possibly ‘arm’… But I think ‘leg’)


In case you can’t make it out on the blurry photo…
Length = 46cm
Diameter = 9cm (narrow end)
15 cm (wide end)

Circumferences approx. 18cm (narrow) and 31cm (wide)

There is some of that rubbery, grippy seam stuff at the wide end (like you find on a cycling shirt)…


For those of you that want washing instructions (there will be at least one of you)…

…and here’s why I think they are for legs rather than arms. It has an ‘S’ for small…
And although they fit my arms perfectly, I don’t think my upper limbs are ‘small’ exactly…

But genuinely, they would work for this purpose. I would just rather wear a long shirt, I think.

So, if you’re interested in having the warmers for this winter weather, let me know in the comments below and I’ll use one of those random number generator things to choose a recipient and I’ll be in touch. UK only please (unless you want to pay the postage).

If you don’t want them, then please do click on the Trinito:n link (if you’ve not already seen it) anyway. Just for a bit of entertainment 😀


Competition time!

Yesterday a posted a picture of “a pair” of cycling shorts. It was a generic cycling shorts picture and so as not to be accosted by the people from trading standards here is a picture of “the pair” of cycling shorts on offer…

…and… because I know you want to see them…

…the washing instructions…

All you need to do to win this pair of women’s medium (12-14) quality padded cycling shorts…

(and I will post them to you at no charge, unless you live in Australia… Or America… Or Antigua… Bermuda… Bahamas …etc basically any place that is not in fact, in the UK)

…is to:

1) just show some remote interest that you’d like them really.

2) write in the comments below completing the sentence,

“Cars have indicators because…”

And 3) read yesterday’s blog post if you haven’t already (I won’t be able to tell if you have or not, to be honest, but I’ll trust you)

If more than one person reads this blog, and completes the harsh entry requirements I shall literally put the names into a hat and draw them out at the end of June, when I will announce the lucky winner. Woop woop

Oh… And for Juneathon today, I played tennis for 3 hours.