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Pride comes before awful

Posted: February 1, 2016 in running
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So my foot is definitely better. And I’ve been for a few short runs to make sure it’s better. And my cold is much better. And I’m eating better again. Well done me. And generally things are better. 

And on Saturday I ran a parkrun again for the first time in ages it seems.

Unfortunately that was NOT better. But I expected that. Ran my socks off and was still about 50 seconds off my best. Glad I went though. Well done me. Let’s get this consistency going again.

I’ve kept up my non-running exercises too (I decided to take up new hobbies of weight lifting and knitting [when I prematurely and over-dramatically  assumed that my foot niggle meant I would never walk again!] mainly just so I could get the ‘knit one, curl one‘ joke in) so, well done me.

Also, having eaten a healthy homemade dinner on Saturday night, I heroically decided that doing the ironing would prevent me from further snacking. Well done me. I got the board out and the iron, and was just about to plug it in… when the phone rang…


…I’d totally forgotten about the tennis club meal out to the local Thai restaurant. ‘Where are you, mate?” came the voice from the phone.


“On my way!” I replied.

I promptly cycled into town (my body is a temple, you know).

I then proceeded to drink all the beer and eat all the food.

 I eventually cycled home somehow (my body is a temple and all that) …far too late, of course, and slept terribly, woke early and ate a HUGE fried breakfast (which is required by British law).

My tennis match is just after lunch on Sunday, so I don’t actually eat lunch (just a packet of Maltesers). I play ok, but we lose the ‘important’ (it’s all relative though!) tennis. I then eat the muffins/choc biscuits/flapjack provided before coming home and having a full roast dinner. 

Yay! Go me! :-/ ahem.

It wasn’t an easy weekend in other aspects. On Friday night, Dad was taken in to Hospital. I won’t go into details but suffice to say he is out now and sounded better than he has in a few weeks actually.

Andy Murray lost the tennis earlier (this probably features unnecessarily  on my list of bad things that happened this weekend).

I also had the sad news that an old friend from my University days had died. I had totally lost touch with her over the past few years and didn’t even know she was ill. She was only a year or two older than me and her kids are similar ages to mine. Not that her having young children makes it any greater or less of a loss but just that I can identify with the fragility of it all.

And then Sir Terry Wogan has died as well…not that I knew him personally, of course but I did sort of ‘grow up’ with him.

Not the best of weekends, really.

I’ll be hoping for a ‘recovery run’ tonight.


This is just a short post letting you know that basically nothing has happened this week…


It should have done.

There should have been some hill work…and a speed session…and a recovery run…and a long run…

…but that didn’t happen.

I’ve been feeling ill, feeling sorry for myself and have NOT been feeling the whole running thing. Despite wanting to mentally, physically – there was no chance.

On the positive side (and there is always a positive side) the fact that I have missed it, is a good thing… right?

I will do this…

Just not right now.

Your attention please.

I have discovered my motivation, ladies and gentlemen….

*Subtle string music starts*

The motivation I need to progress to the next level…

*Music builds*

The motivation to accomplish things of which I have only dreamed…

*occasional cymbal roll with those soft beater things*

To run more… To eat better… To train more purposefully … To do hill work…

*music reaching rousing crescendo …*

…to strengthen my core, my goodness even to find out what the heck a foam-roller is when it’s at home… For today ladies and gentlemen…

*comedy ‘scratch‘ sound of a record being prematurely removed from its player*

….today…I tried on my tri-suit.

My. Word.

It was like I’d gone camping, got my rucksack out of its bag, had extra stuffing sewn into the sleeping bag for added warmth, then also accidentally swapped stuff-sacks with one of Snow-White’s short male companions then tried to shove the now larger sleeping bag back into the smaller stuff-sack.

Apologies for the repeated use of the words ‘stuff’ and ‘sack’ within this post, but hopefully nobody is having breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong… It fits… Of sorts… And I will probably still wear it on Sunday. But it it not a thing of beauty.



So here’s the deal…

I have entered, trained for, and still plan to do, a triathlon this Sunday morning.

But since Saturday last week I have not been well… Sore throat, cough, temperature, nose-bleed, etc, (you know the kind of thing).
Currently, I can’t stop coughing.

I have never had a DNS (did not start) at a race before.
I have never had a DNF (did not finish) either.
If I knew I was going to DNF then, I guess actually to be a DNS may be wise.
Due to anticipated nights of ‘Did Not Sleep’ I have relegated myself (yes… myself… not forced by my wife…) to sleep downstairs for a few nights.

If it turns out I’m more ill than I think though, due to faulty brain activity (akin to that experienced by those suffering extreme hypothermia who proceed to remove their clothes…) then my DNS could be a ‘Did Not Swim’ … Or worse – the DNF could be a ‘Did Not Float’! I will perhaps set up a book for various outcomes closer to the day.

As there is no way to get money back or transfer my place, I might as well leave it until Sunday morning to decide fully, but in an attempt to be forward planning and inject some scientific element into the whole thing…

… I’ve done a graph.


As can be seen by the projection of stars, if current trends continue*, I shall be almost 100% by Sunday.




*remember, wellness can go down as well as up. Past results cannot be relied upon as indicative of future performance.
Your swimming pool may be at risk if you cannot maintain the integrity blood vessels within nasal passages.

Oh crap…

Posted: September 2, 2011 in running
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Hello again!

You still here?

I should be asleep… Or at least assuming the ‘going to sleep’ position and not typing away on this and thus prolonging my likely wakefulness.

I don’t really care about offending you guys… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know you are proper ‘real’ people and all… But with the exception of one or two, none of you know me personally enough to come around and kick me or anything… So, at the risk of putting you off your breakfast/brunch/lunch/snap/dinner/tea/supper (dependant on your level of poshness)… I AM SO FULL OF CRAP.

Or at least… I was.

Not sure how much can be left now to be honest.

‘Other things’ have also going on for a while which make me think I probably ought to actually get myself an MOT at the docs. I’ll spare you the bloody details though… (Or maybe I won’t)

Thing is… Tomorrow (as it is now Friday 2nd sept – albeit the early hours) I shall be doing a half-marathon… And I shall be repeating the effort the day after, also. Thus with my small team, we shall, between us, complete the 100mile initial challenge of the cop-athlon (see

Notice I put ‘am doing’
Not ‘supposed to be doing’
Or ‘had planned to do’

I can’t not do it. My wife ‘NotAtAllARunner’ is even heading off to MY family reunion without me as I’d inadvertently double booked myself this weekend and although I said I’d pull out of the run, she insisted I didn’t.
She hates driving long distances and is being very brave, especially as the journey involves motorway driving… which she hates even more than baked beans.

(I think I might actually feel tired now)

So… One way or another… Here’s looking forward to a weekend of runs