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The milk race

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Juneathon, running
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The set up

1. Tell your wife, “No – I won’t forget that we’re out of milk and that we’ll need some before the kids’ breakfasts tomorrow.”

2. Decide that, as you’ve been at work all day, this would be an ideal opportunity to combine a practical activity with the day’s exercise – a run to the shops.

3. Fall asleep whilst reading bedtime stories to children.

4. Wake up, check the closing time of the store at the top of the hill and grab your rucksack.

The Run

1.Run to the store before it closes. (Buy milk)

2.Run back.

3.Run up and down your street for a bit just to round off the numbers.

The Prize


(Now minus the evening's hot chocolate, the following day's breakfast and numerous coffees)


Put the running on hold for a minute…

Sunday 7th June saw me and my son travel to the Nottingham Tennis Centre to compete in a child(10&under)&relative mini-tennis (red ball) doubles tennis tournament.

Along with all the other pairs there (about 30), we were invited to go along after having won a more local event initially (for us, this was about a month ago).

The tournament was to run alongside the qualifying weekend of the Nottingham Open so we were playing on courts next to where the likes Agnieszka Radwanska and Daniela Hantuchova were getting some hitting practise in.


(this is not them)

I won’t go into the whole format but essentially there were 4 groups, a ’round robin’ took place for each group and depending on where you finished in the group there was then a knockout type competition for the top pairings, middle pairings or lower pairings.

We finished top of our group despite losing a match and despite my son falling onto his hand during the final game.  However, we went on to win our quarter final game too.

One more win and we were in the final. It was all very exciting!


(We didn't play in this court)

Except it was not to be.

I could give you a point by point run down of the match here, but I shall summarise just by saying…

competitive dad.

The third place play off was a much more enjoyable affair, though we just lost that one too.

So fourth place. We’re happy with that.
Plus, we were fed…

…got free parking right by the entrance, got to see some great tennis, and professional tennis player Shelby Rogers (world number 70) did a Q&A with the kids and was really great with them. She’s playing in Nottingham Open main draw this week and has qualified for Wimbledon too. As long as she isn’t playing Heather Watson, I shall be cheering her on.
My son had taken an oversized tennis ball for autographs… which was obviously an excuse for a promotional shot it seemed.

Oh…and I didn’t put enough suncream on…

So that was all yesterday (Sunday 7th June). Today (Monday 8th) I played tennis for 3 hours myself after work today. I then came home, read bedtime stories and then ate the entire contents of the fridge.

Juneathon week one – done.

Two for one

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Yesterday (Thursday 4th June) for Juneathon, I played tennis and I swam.
Not at the same time.
That would have been interesting.
But no.

I hit a ball up and down a court for a couple of hours, and later, I swam repeatedly up and down a pool for half an hour.

There is no more to say.

It is what it is. It doesn’t even deserve its own blog post.

But today (Friday 5th June) I decided that if I’m going to actually have a decent go at another marathon, I’d best get back into the long-run mentality. As I knew this was unlikely over this forthcoming weekend of tennis activities with my son, today was my best bet.

Unfortunately I had not eaten breakfast this morning, but no matter, I had recently got quite used to long runs on an empty stomach – convincing myself I was training my body to burn fat and not rely on carbohydrate stores.  I hadn’t run long since my marathon in mid-April. But seriously how much fitness can you lose in 6 weeks?

Quite a lot, it would seem. 

Having intended to run a half marathon this morning, I stopped on the return leg at 10.9 miles, not even rounding up that last bit – figuring that walking the remaining 2.3 miles home in a dazed state was preferable to attempting to crawl 2.2 miles after regaining consciousness. 

I had done too much for where I’m at fitness-wise at the moment. It was hot. I was sweating buckets. It felt like I’d had a couple of pints (that bit was strangely quite nice). 

I was ok really and appreciated the lovely day, the lovely scenery, the family of swans having their swimming lessons… 

…but walking was definitely the right thing to do. I live to run another day.


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Juneathon 2015 (day 2)

Forget the French open. All the real tennis action was going on at my local tennis club in the Nottinghamshire (league something or other) short format mixed doubles.

Our local club has a few advantages over the courts at the French open:

1) it’s free to watch the matches

2) there are no large pieces of display/advertising to fall down and injure people (or whatever it was that fell on spectators’ heads on Tuesday as Roland Garros).

3) it isn’t in France*

I’m no good at making tennis sound exciting. I think it’s a great game. I love the psychology and everything. But I’m not a tennis writer. I won’t try to be one today.
We won.
That’s all you need to know.
And you don’t even need to know that to be fair, but I’ve told you anyway, you privileged people, you.

I will also mention at this point that I’m appreciating the rainbow tennis photo love from yesterday’s blog post by the way. Thank you. I was happy with it too 馃檪

More tennis to come on Sunday when my son and I play at the Nottingham Open. Yes. Seriously.

We won a small tournament a while back and our prize was to play at the qualifying weekend of the Nottingham Open with (packed) lunch, free entry, a further tournament to play in, watch the WTA tennis qualifiers (maybe also some bigger names on the practise courts), and possibly some further prizes – who knows?! I’ll let you know how it goes – obviously.

So… It’s all good. Two days in to Juneathon and how would I rate my performance so far out of ten?

…ten (ish), of course.

*Not that I have anything against France particularly, but it would take longer to get there and we’d probably be expelled from the Nottinghamshire league.

Juneathon (the month-long exercise and blogging challenge) is a lot like my breakfast time.

The day starts and I am full of good intentions.
[The month starts and I am full of good intentions]

I decide I am going to be super healthy and rather than eat that sugary cereal, I am going to eat those bananas swinging delicately in that little hanger thing we have.
[I decide that, in addition to running, I am going to be super healthy and do stretches every day and strength work and use the foam roller that is still in its packet…in the shop… because I haven’t bought it yet]

I peel a banana and decide fairly quickly that it’s too ripe for me, I won’t like it.
[I attempt to touch my toes and decide fairly quickly that it just hurts and so give up on it as an unrealistic and unachievable goal]

I move on to a second banana and decide fairly quickly that it’s too ripe for me and I won’t like it.
[I attempt some strength work but also give up on it as an unrealistic and unachievable goal]

I look at the third banana and figure there’s little point in even peeling it. It will only be like the others, anyway.
[I figure it will l be pointless to buy the foam roller thingy anyway as I’m unlikely to use it after the first couple of days]

I don’t want to waste the bananas so I mash them up, add an egg, flour, vanilla extract, butter, pinch of salt, baking powder, crushed nuts and half a ton of sugar and bake in the oven at 175掳C for 70 mins, and await my wife’s recognition of my culinary genius as the sweet smell off bananary bready gorgeousness wafts its way upstairs.
[I spectacularly fail to do the ‘healthy thing’ for a month but jabber on regardless via this blog, believing that somebody somewhere might at least appreciate my efforts]

I slump down in my dressing gown (‘robe’ for my American followers) and cry at my pitiful attempt at a healthy breakfast as I cut myself another slice fistfull of banana cake moistened with a generous helping of a non-specific, generic delicious nutty chocolate spread (otherwise known as Nutella – if they’d like to send me a free sample crate of the stuff!)
[I cry at my pitiful attempt at a healthy Juneathon as I cut myself yet another slice quarter loaf of banana cake… and can’t even be bothered to get changed out of my dressing gown before I go to parkrun]

(That was a photo from last year). Read the link to that post here.

So, here we go. Juneathon all starts in a couple of days. Let the randomness begin!



Extra bit

Now to help maintain the motivation (and there are arguments against this, that I’ll perhaps cover another time) I have also signed up to BOUNTS which is a free service that links to numerous existing exercise apps as well as FITBIT, JAWBONE, etc and basically gives you points for doing exercise that you do anyway. These points build up over time and you can trade them in at the ‘shop’ for various high street gift vouchers.

If you decide to sign up to Bounts then do it soon (ideally before Juneathon to make the most of it) because for a short period we still both get 100 points if you use the link below (normally only 20).

See you in June 馃檪

Sign up here to give us both a healthy 100 points to get us going

Hello, you have reached the blog site of NotMuchOfaRunner…

I’m sorry I can’t blog right now, I’m out doing stuff…

(…I might even be running).


If you would like to leave a message then please do so after the beep and I will get back to you when I’m supposed to be tidying the house.














‘The Beep’

My operation

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Juneathon, not running

Right team,

Let us begin…

Anaesthetic provided. Muscle relaxant has taken effect. Heart rate remains stable. He’s out cold…

Scalpel!… Thanks.
Making first incision now…

Just cutting my way through the first layer of fat…

… Still cutting my way through the first layer of fat…

…still going… You guys go and make a cup of tea if you like…

…oh… Here we go…

…we’re through to the layer of excuses now, we need to cut these away… Forceps! Clamps! Dish thing!

Ok. They’re gone. But they can grow back. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Getting to the deep level now. Begin diagnostics…

…scanning complete.
Let’s see the results.

Previous sense of humour bypass, I see…

What else…

…general malaise…

Aha! That’s it!

I don’t know when it started happening but he has a necrotic mojo.

I’ve never seen this before in the month of June. Highly rare!

I’m sorry. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.

…Well, there probably is…but I can’t be bothered to think through the options…it’s contagious, you see.

Close him up. Bring him round.
Our work is done here.

…-sound treatment on my foot.


One of the advantages of working with physios. Free advice on tap and a demonstration of the ultrasound machine so I can self-administer some anti-plantarfasciitis treatment in my lunch break.
I may have mentioned the fact that I have had phantasmagoria WHAT?! …that is apparently the predictive text equivalent of plantarfasciitis…anyway…that!.. I’ve had that for over a year now. It’s not got any worse and doesn’t prevent me doing anything….but it is annoying and sometimes painful. I figured some ultrasound is at least worth a go.

Actual exercise today was just press ups to the point of collapse…


Oh… and in case you were wondering…

phan路tas路ma路go路ri路a聽聽聽(fn-tzm-g么r-, -gr-)also聽phan路tas路ma路go路ry聽(fn-tzm-g么r, -gr)n.聽pl.聽phan路tas路ma路go路ri路as聽also聽phan路tas路ma路go路ries

1.a.聽A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
b.聽A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.

2.聽Fantastic imagery as represented in art.

Blogging Seems To Be The Hardest Part

What have I got to do to write a good blog?
What have I got to do to get it right?
What do I do after a good jog?
And I just stare at a screen with nought to write

What do I do to be inspiring
What have I got to do show my heart
What do I say when I’m just tiring
And blogging seems to be the hardest part

It’s sad, so sad
It’s so sad when juneathonning
And it seems it’s tearing me apart
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t it just be over
Oh it seems to me
That blogging seems to be the hardest part.

What do I do to make the words flow
What have I got to do / where do I start?
What do I do – my brain’s on go slow?
What have I got to do?
What have I got to do?
When blogging seems to be the hardest part.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s day 16 of Juneathon.
It gets hard now.
If you’re going to get through all 30 days of exercising and blogging, there will be some days, where the blogging seems ‘for the sake of it’, and nobody likes that, so I nearly bowed out today altogether.
I had done my exercise – I played tennis (again) today. I have nothing more to add to that, so I hope the above re-worded Elton John song makes up for it.


Well聽this is聽live at the time of writing, but all will be history by the time I hit ‘publish’. But then again…. aren’t all posts?

No apologies if you don’t like the football, it’s just tough I’m afraid. Go away and come back tomorrow. I don’t mind 馃槈


I have spent most of today either聽sat聽in a car, cuddling my newly arrived baby nephew, or eating pizza聽so I thought about going for a run when I eventually got home but I聽cleaned the oven instead and now I’m getting ready to watch England’s first World Cup football match Vs Italy.

I shall therefore聽be incorporating my exercise into this activity in the following way:

  • Throw in = 1 press up
  • Corner = 1 sit up
  • Goal kick = 1 squat thrust
  • Free kick / offside = 1 burpee
  • Penalty = Plank (to begin at the point the penalty is given and to last until the penalty is taken)

I can’t think of anything for Red and Yellow cards yet… I’ll have a think and maybe add them on the end ‘cos it’s just about to start…

Oh, but I must say…I am going to be in so much trouble with my boy tomorrow too. Originally, I had told him, ages ago, that he could watch England’s 9pm matches but an 11pm one was really too late for him.聽 However, as we had returned quite late from baby-cuddling expeditions anyway, I softened and said that if he did his teeth and got ready for bed then he could read his book in bed for聽45 minutes and then come and watch the first half only.

He only went and fell asleep didn’t he! I tried to wake him. Genuinely –聽I did. But he was well off in the land of nod. It will still be my fault tomorrow though. You just wait!

Here we go!…


I forgot about anything for a goal as well… so… Punch a cushion 10 times / jump up and down 10 times (dependant on team)

First Half Summary

  • Press ups 聽= 11
  • Sit Ups = 4
  • Squat聽Thrusts聽= 7
  • Burpees = 9
  • …+ 10 cushion punches + 10 jumping ups and downs



Second聽Half Summary

  • Press ups 聽= 1O
  • Sit Ups = 8
  • Squat聽Thrusts聽= 11
  • Burpees =聽14
  • …+ 10 cushion punches

(oh… and I’ll add 5 star jumps for the yellow card)


Gah! Shame… but promising.聽 I actually really enjoyed watching that, believe it or not. I’ll let you know how my boy feels about missing it, tomorrow :-/

P.S I genuinely thought there would be a lot more throw ins, etc than there actually were. I might have missed a couple but not many, I don’t think. You know how to contact me if you require me to work as a sports statistician.