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Double Monday

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Juneathon, not running
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Monday 22nd June

I remember, approximately twenty-something years ago, at school, I loved Wednesdays.

Wednesday’s timetable was, I think: double P.E (yay! Love P.E!) double maths (love puzzles) and double music (love making lots of noise).

Today (…well…yesterday now…but today too, actually) is not a Wednesday.

Monday, at school twenty-something years ago was double hunanities. I don’t know why it was called ‘humanities‘ it wasn’t very humane to bore the pants off us students for hours and then give us ten hours of homework to do by yesterday. Well that’s how it felt. There were probably other lessons on a Monday, but they could not overshadow humanities!

Today (yesterday now) is (was) a Monday.

But it didn’t just feel like a Monday, yesterday, it felt like a double Monday.

I was unproductive and slow and if my thoughts were spoken out loud, I’d have told myself to shut up and get out of my own company.

I was looking forward to tennis night though, in the same way that twenty-something years ago, I looked forward to the end-of-school bell…

…But when I got to tennis it started tipping it down with rain, big time.

So at this point, I’m supposed to tell you how I laced up my running shoes and went for an invigorating run in the rain, singing at the top of my voice, smiling at everyone who thought I was mad and brightening people’s day as I deliberately stand next to that huge puddle as the car drives by to give myself a refreshingly muddy shower and celebrate the wonder that is the sensation of life!! WoooHooo!!!

…But no.  I didn’t do that.  I have done that before…but not on this particular double Monday…

On this particular double Monday…I played tennis in the rain for an hour and a half with other mad people.

It was quite nice.

Tuesday 23rd

I didn’t post yesterday’s post yesterday, because if I did, my parents would have phoned to check I was ok. They read my blog…and they read into my blog…which is dangerous. I am ok.
I was ok. It was just a double dose of Monday. You don’t need to phone. Oh and dad has said I can use that poem thing I was on about for father’s day (as long as I credit him), so I’ll go and edit that into my B&B post in a bit

Today was a different day. It was Tuesday, for starters.

I felt much better today.

I am considering a late night run, but having done 60 press ups in 60 seconds earlier (just to see if I still can) and therefore meeting tonight’s Juneathon requirement, I think I might go to bed early…or at least early for me.

Don’t forget people (UK people at least), Friday is national handstand day – yes, seriously that is a thing.

That day’s blog could be interesting.


…-sound treatment on my foot.


One of the advantages of working with physios. Free advice on tap and a demonstration of the ultrasound machine so I can self-administer some anti-plantarfasciitis treatment in my lunch break.
I may have mentioned the fact that I have had phantasmagoria WHAT?! …that is apparently the predictive text equivalent of plantarfasciitis…anyway…that!.. I’ve had that for over a year now. It’s not got any worse and doesn’t prevent me doing anything….but it is annoying and sometimes painful. I figured some ultrasound is at least worth a go.

Actual exercise today was just press ups to the point of collapse…


Oh… and in case you were wondering…

phan·tas·ma·go·ri·a   (fn-tzm-gôr-, -gr-)also phan·tas·ma·go·ry (fn-tzm-gôr, -gr)n. pl. phan·tas·ma·go·ri·as also phan·tas·ma·go·ries

1.a. A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
b. A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.

2. Fantastic imagery as represented in art.

Hello. Welcome. Take a seat.

Oh and leave the door open, someone else may be along in a minute or two.
If you’ve not been here before then chances are you are connected to the juneathon challenge…if so, an extra welcome to you.
I hope you stick around.
If you do then you’re either in for a random treat of running randomness… Or…
…actually…no…. there is no ‘or’… A treat of running randomness is what this is.

Here is a picture of a bridge on this morning’s run…

See. Random.

And here is a photo of me doing some wide-arm press-ups on it…

Sorry… it’s a bit small… What can I say?… I’m shy.

I also took photos of a deer and some rabbits on my run in the early hours if this morning, but here’s how they turned out…

Sorry about that. Wild animals have a habit of not waiting around for the two minutes required for the shutter on my phone’s camera to operate!

There will be a lot of apologies and excuses this month.

So I might as well start with a few more now.

It’s June.
Which means it’s Juneathon.
Which means I am supposed to do exercise and blog everday.
Which means sometimes interesting stuff happens…
…but sometimes it won’t…and I will still have to write something… so for that I also apologise

You may get fed up of random posts.

That’s fine.

It’s ok.

You are free to leave.

However, I hope that by writing and exercising everyday in June. I will be looking out for the interesting, embracing the random and accepting that not all my postings will be the… ahem…literary masterpieces I have come to expect from myself.

My ‘theme’, if any, this year, will be All Or Nothing … I will either be exercising and posting everyday, or it will come to a complete stop. At which point, I will wear sackcloth, eat chocolate and cry into my cup of coffee for the rest of the month.

Tomorrow = a full length picture of me without any clothes on…

(Let’s see how many of you that scares off)

Today’s exercise (so far): 2.2 mile run & press-UPS

I just realised that my last post was my hundredth. Happy Birthday to me blog 🙂

So, in the words of Pete Tong…. “we continue!” … just about. Still lots of painting to be done, so getting outside for sporting activity seems unlikely. Its unlikeliness increased by the fact that it is cold and dark and wet and that furthermore, I am a big wimpy ball of pudding fat.
Today’s sporting activity, continuing in the spirit of not running will therefore be… PRESS-UPS TO EXHAUSTION
Actually… I don’t think press-ups really count as a sport do they? Physical exercise, yes. Whereas darts or snooker incidently, would not be permitted as a Janathon activity under either of these descriptions. But maybe that’s just me getting wound up by unimportant things… like drivers not indicating when they pull out from a parked position!…or pulling over to park in the first place!!… or turning round corners!!! or changing lanes!!!! Sorry…
…I was wrong…
… That isn’t an unimportant thing at all.

While I’m on a roll… what about people on facebook who write a status like , “Grrrr…. I’m so annoyed! Why, why, why?!”
And someone usually responds with, “Oh no, what’s the matter Hun?” (and they will ALWAYS include this ‘hun’ at the end)
To which the first person responds with, “Oh, nothing really. I’m ok”

Maybe the initial comment was a response to someone else making that same comment in a status, hence the endless cycle of it appearing on my newsfeed from different sources.
Oh well, my lack of home WiFi means that I have been pretty much facebook-free for a couple of weeks and to be honest, I haven’t really missed it.

Right. That’s better. On with what’s left of the blog… which is pretty much just a number: