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(Or ‘randomness take two’)

Same photo … Different blog post!


 Yesterday’s random sweet plucked from the randoms packet (from which I had to elicit some sporting activity) was a tennis racquet – boring.

Today, it was this…

A space rocket! Yeah! 

So I trained to be an astronaut!

Well obviously not. 

It was suggested that I do 100 burpees because I would have to shoot up like a rocket to do them. I thought there would be very little chance of me even leaving the ground after 100 burpees so I declined that suggestion.

I opted instead for the easier option of moving at 4 times the speed of sound.

Well… A leisurely 20 minute run to check on a couple of our geocaches that I needed to check were still in place.

On the way back, I placed my phone on the ground, set the timer, and ran over it.

So, just like a rocket going past my house, I’m moving fast, defying gravity, soaring through the air, and I’m barely visible…

…Unlike a space rocket however (I imagine), I landed in a big pile of dog poo and subsequently did the dog-poo-foot-slide thing all the way home (which incidentally had little or no effect as I was wearing trail shoes and I’ve just forced it into the gaps).
I’m left them outside and I’m hoping for a thunderstorm tonight!



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I decided the other day that my daily exercise has been far too sensible so I decided to buy a packet of these…  

…draw one out (at random) and tailor my exercise accordingly to match.

Except…I got this…

  …which to me, looks like a tennis racquet. So I played tennis on Friday. Hardly random for me recently.

On Thursday I went for a run. I felt like putting a a bit of effort in and upped the pace from my usual plod. Some roads, but mostly track/canal path so predominantly flat but with occasional short hills… and it felt good.
I covered 10k in 48:55 (which for me is a PB) so I celebrated by sitting on the picnic bench outside of a newly opened village tea room, relaxing with my purchases and enjoying the countryside 🙂

Very pleasant…

But not very random…

What I really need is for someone to have set up scarecrow version of Tommy Cooper in their front garden or something…

…just like that.

BORING BIT: I shall be going out for an evening run later. Hopefully in time to see some random fireworks and random other stuff at some ramdom event that’s going on in some random village far enough away to make it a decent run out but not so far that when I get cold and bored I won’t want to run back.

(It no doubt won’t actually be random, I’m sure there will be some rhyme or reason to it. I apologise for my overuse of the word.)

TheHardestWorkingWomanIKnow (my good lady wife) has a ton of work to do so running is better than feeling guilty while watching Saturday-night dross on the TV the first choice for me in my spare time.


That was advance notice of my planned exercise.

INTERESTING BIT: I was looking on Google this morning for a Juneathon image so I could make an inspirational picture (to feature in a future post – watch this space) and in the process I discovered that half the guys on the Juneathon banner are
perhaps displaying a little more than they should and the other half are chasing them with rolling pins!


Here’s a close up in case you need it.

WARNING: cannot be unseen! …


Bringing a new meaning to the term runnner’s high (thanks to @rubysneaker for that one)

Juneathon organiser Cathy White / Jog-Blog has been made aware of this and, once she stopped laughing, informed me that she has since spoken to the designer who has accepted full responsibility and will be redesigning all the logos/ stationary/website for the sake of public decency said that whoever spotted it must have a dirty mind.

Well really! No need to insult me. I was only trying to provide a public service now that Mary Whitehouse is no longer with us to defend us from filth!

I wish I hadn’t raised it now.