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When I were a lad…

…I lived in Devon. So no one (other than Monty Python)  used such Yorkshire-like phrases. And if I did then I probably would have been corrected to say ‘was’ instead. That’s not really important to this story – the point is, when I was younger, I can remember, one snowy winter, standing on the actually quite excellent climbing frame (built by my dad after he found he was unable to remove one of the supporting posts of an old wooden garage that used to be in the garden and he built a climbing frame around it instead, until when I was like, 20 or something, that original support eventually rotted away enough to be removed along with the rest of this makeshift but brilliant climbing apparatus – that’s not important to this story though) ….so I was standing on this climbing frame in my full winter gear – padded coat, gloves, balaclava, the works, when my brother throws a snowball at me…

I don’t want to give my brother the credit for what happened next because he missed…or, as I like to remember it, I expertly and deftly evaded the missile…

…unfortunately I then lost my footing, fell off the climbing frame and can then remember a very sick and claustrophobic feeling that I was in pain but couldn’t remove the million layers of knitted garments of industrial (grandma-strength) yarn.

My loving mother (no sarcasm intended…She was and still is…) performed the obligatory parental skills of rubbing my arm, moving it up and down, making sure I could make a fist, etc , and advising that perhaps the snowball fight should take a rain check. I can remember my arm being moved backwards and forwards, accompanied by the words, “I’m sure it does hurt, but you wouldn’t be able to do this if it were broken”.

Of course, it turned out that it was indeed broken. I wasn’t able to sleep that night, mum realised that maybe something was in fact the matter, and we ended up going to hospital where it was confirmed.


*                          *                            *                           *


Fast forward approximately 30 years… it’s a Wednesday, and I arrive at my son’s after-school football club to take him home. They are just finishing up. It’s penalties. They always have a penalty each at the end of the session.

Son is in goal.

He saves a penalty and appears to land awkwardly.

But he walks up to now take his own penalty. He misses.

He returns to be goalkeeper …and lets the next penalty in. Game over.

Only at this point does he appear now to express any hand pain.

Now call me cynical  *pause… to allow time for you to call me cynical* but I wasn’t convinced, and told him to stop making a fuss. He shouts at me for never believing him (all previously  ‘life-threatening’ injuries sustained by son to this point have turned out to be no more than scratches and bruises) and when we get home, I am internally eye-rolling but in the real world I’m going through a VERY thorough hand examination, checking for scaphoid fracture – negative, checking for peripheral nerve damage – negative, putting hand and wrist through full range of movement. He reports some pain but isn’t jumping through the roof. I basically performed a slightly more elaborate equivalent of rubbing his arm, moved it backwards and forwards and telling him, “You wouldn’t be able to do that if it were broken!”. To show him I was a loving and caring father, however, I did apply an ice pack (frozen peas) and a wrist wrap bandage thing for the evening.

The next day, he goes to school and plays in a football match afterwards (they lost 4- 1 incidentally… though that’s not important to this story).

The day after that, due to ridiculous roadwork near us, I decide he will cycle to school while I cycle our younger child (using a tag-along bike) to her school. Son returns home 5 minutes after leaving, saying his wrist hurts and could I drive him? No I could not. He needs to stop being a whinge-bucket and if he’d just kept going he’d have been over half way there by now… and anyway, his sister was all kitted up and excited about cycling to school… and we didn’t have time now… and traffic would be dreadful and if he wasn’t going to cycle then he’d better start walking now or he would be really late!

He cycled to school.

And he cycled home.

But when he didn’t want to play tennis on Saturday morning, I thought something was up. I looked at his arm again.

Now his arm did look a little bit bent…mmm…not sure… swelling? … worse?

To cut this story slightly shorter, we basically spent the day in various hospitals where, after x-rays and a 3.5 hour wait, the upshot was basically “We don’t know for sure if it’s broken either. We think it still might be a greenstick fracture so here’s a brace (removable velcro-strapped splint) to wear for 3 weeks. During that time no swimming… no P.E at school… no football… come back and see us in 3 weeks“.

To cover my own parenting inadequacies, I have been recounting the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried, “WOLF!”‘ to my son.

He thinks it’s a rubbish story.

I shall be collecting my ‘Father of The Year’ award next month.











P.S. they didn’t actually say “no running” so I have used his non-participation in school sports to persuade him out with me on three separate occasions for just a ten minute run.*


*and thus this blog fulfils its very loosely running-based brief.





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Final day of janathon. Final blog post for a little while (though I will periodically post further randomness as the mood takes me, so do pop back).

Well done everyone who has taken part, to whatever extent and for however long.
Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog, ‘liking’ it and commenting. I have enjoyed the banter.

Cheers! *drinks sip gulp of beer*

I feel I ought to write something profound about the journey, about the lessons learned, about the great running community.
I have read some great posts about folks realising what they do and don’t love about running, about the extent to which they can push themselves, about the importance of rest to be woven into the challenge of daily exercise.

Cheers! *drinks another gulp or two of beer*

I have really enjoyed coming up with some randomness each day. This is what I love about the challenge. I have really been pretty poor in terms of distances run, swum, cycled, etc. but I have totally nailed it in the ‘beating up snowmen’ stakes, balancing on chairs, and the effective use of interpretive dance.

*goes to fridge to grab another beer*

I may need a bit of time to reflect to come up with something truly profound though, and time was not something I had a lot of today…

Took kids to school/nursery – a bit more of a rush than usual because older child was a but slow on the move as he stayed up late to listen to local radio and hear Nottingham Forest come back from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Watford. Get in!

I went straight from there to collect the two new additions to our family. Rabbits. (Name suggestions welcomed by the way)

Went for a run. Two runs, in fact – another 7:39 one and a mile recovery.

Collected child 2 from nursery just before lunch.
Quick lunch after sorting rabbits out.

Take child 2 to doctor’s surgery for her pre-school injections. One in each arm!
Feel grateful that I spent hours playing ‘doctors’ with said child this week in preparation (“it might hurt a little bit but then it feels fine and you can have a chocolate coin that is left over from Christmas but is still just about in date”). No tears! A bottom lip… But no tears…and then I was fine.

Home again for general house duties, washing, etc. followed by rushed school pick-up to take both children to dentist…

… then immediately taking older one to football training…

…home…food…meet & greet with rabbits…

…off to school fundraiser for the evening…

…write blog.

*drinks big gulp of beer*

So I think today can be pretty well summed up by Flanagan and Allen…








(That was “run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run” in case you missed it.)

Those last three pictures were not all from today, though. They depict my three attempts at my 7:39 run (how far I could cover in that amount of time). Steady and consistent improvement, I think you’ll agree.

Watch this space.

In half a month, I’ve gone from a 7:14 mile pace to a 7:09 so that equates to a 10 second improvement in a month… That’s six months it’ll take to knock a minute off my time… so… in….
(*whispers…6,12,18…and 10 more seconds…*)
… so in 19 months time I shall be sub-four minute miling!

See you then.

Finally, a ‘thank you’ to Cathy (aka jogblog) and the janathon mafia (yes, that’s you, Helen) for once again rallying us into action. It does feel a lot like a marathon right now in that I’m thinking “never again” and we all know what happens then, but just in case I don’t do another…thank you.


Hello. Welcome. Take a seat.

Oh and leave the door open, someone else may be along in a minute or two.
If you’ve not been here before then chances are you are connected to the juneathon challenge…if so, an extra welcome to you.
I hope you stick around.
If you do then you’re either in for a random treat of running randomness… Or…
…actually…no…. there is no ‘or’… A treat of running randomness is what this is.

Here is a picture of a bridge on this morning’s run…

See. Random.

And here is a photo of me doing some wide-arm press-ups on it…

Sorry… it’s a bit small… What can I say?… I’m shy.

I also took photos of a deer and some rabbits on my run in the early hours if this morning, but here’s how they turned out…

Sorry about that. Wild animals have a habit of not waiting around for the two minutes required for the shutter on my phone’s camera to operate!

There will be a lot of apologies and excuses this month.

So I might as well start with a few more now.

It’s June.
Which means it’s Juneathon.
Which means I am supposed to do exercise and blog everday.
Which means sometimes interesting stuff happens…
…but sometimes it won’t…and I will still have to write something… so for that I also apologise

You may get fed up of random posts.

That’s fine.

It’s ok.

You are free to leave.

However, I hope that by writing and exercising everyday in June. I will be looking out for the interesting, embracing the random and accepting that not all my postings will be the… ahem…literary masterpieces I have come to expect from myself.

My ‘theme’, if any, this year, will be All Or Nothing … I will either be exercising and posting everyday, or it will come to a complete stop. At which point, I will wear sackcloth, eat chocolate and cry into my cup of coffee for the rest of the month.

Tomorrow = a full length picture of me without any clothes on…

(Let’s see how many of you that scares off)

Today’s exercise (so far): 2.2 mile run & press-UPS

The girl with the cute kiss

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Excuse any randomness or typos go this post. (Well there’s one for starters, but i’ll leave it in to make my point) I create it on my mobile (predictive text you see), on my chair, in a sleepy daze as notmuchofasleeper snuggles into me in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

I can’t believe she’s awake. She didn’t sleep much yesterday and is now making up for not taking at all well to drinking from a bottle in the early days. She had loads of milk last night and actally settled well… Oh well… I’ll just enjoy my snuggles and time to think I guess.

If I was at the computer i’d consider putting up the final week’s food photo but to be honest, it looks pretty much the same as all the other weeks so i’ll spare you and instead just post a single picture of a… Mmm… Night as well be something interesting… a…. I’ll think of something and put it in later shall I? Yes. Ok.

How about aubergines cut to look like penguins??..

Not to be used to suck up coffee!

Runs have been pretty non-existent this past week. Ha! I’ve realised (though you won’t because i’ve corrected it now, but you will in a second ‘cos I’m just about to tell you…) that when I type ‘runs’ into my phone pad, it suggests ‘stop’ instead! Stupid phones. What do they know? Anyway… yes… runs not existing… I have rather boringly prioritised housework over running the past few days but judging by the state of the house and the state of my belly, the runs would have been a better use of my time. I feel guilty sometimes though. My wife loves her job but works hard and long hours (don’t get me started on people who have a go at “all the holidays” that teachers get… Grrrrr) and as such will often work through the evening and so I either go to tennis, or badminton or church group or band practice or go for a run… Or stay in and do a bad job of tidying and cleaning – as has been the way this week.

Well the tag line of my blog is “random thoughts and running shorts” and there’s certainly a lot of the former this morning (though it is now a far more reasonable 06:30 and I should be thinking clearer now). Notmuchofasleeper is actually sleeping though but my left arm is completely dead as a result and I don’t want to risk moving her now.  I was just thinking about the whole predictive text thing and trying to recall what it was I text to my wife before we got married that could have got me into trouble if she didn’t trust me… It was something like me trying to remind her of someone that she’d met previously as,

‘the girl with the cute lisp’

except it was actually sent as,

‘the girl with the cute KISS’

or… ‘the girl with the cute LIPS’

Neither of which would have been particularly good alternatives!

I shall leave it there for now I think. Best for everybody. No more food photos of all I have consumed (though I might do that again if I find myself skipping :-S or even, ‘slipping’). I have lost, and kept off, a few kilograms as a result but it becomes a real pain taking a photo of EVERYTHING and not good when eating socially.

That reminds me – breakfast. I’ve nothing to put on my cereal. I’d best go and sick some up.

Oh… and finally… good luck to readers running a marathon this weekend or next. Enjoy.