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I got up at 6am on saturday 26th May 2012 and headed off to Holme Peerpoint… Home Pierpoint… Homie Priorpint… The National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham to allow plenty of time for set-up prior to the 9:00am Speedo Big Triathlon race start. I would do this again – I needed that time.
There are lots of things I would do again… if indeed ‘again’ happens… and there’s a few things I wouldn’t, too. These are helpfully detailed below…

I would have a quick nosey around the course so I knew exactly how sharp the bends are and how to quickly identify my transition spots.

I would ask lycra-clad expert-triathlete-looking bods stupid questions like how to attach a number to a number belt (I thought the strange elasticated toggles did something clever… But apparently not!)… “safety pins” was the succinct answer – good job I’d still brought some.

I would not only remember I had left my timing chip in the lockers with only 2 minutes before race start, necessitating a fast flip-flop flit to changing rooms to fetch it!

I would wear contact lenses again. I had big dilemmas as whether to do this or swim near blind or use leaky prescription goggles and use my normal glasses for the bike and run. So
I would use a £1.99 pair of Decathlon own-brand goggles (I’ve tried 5 pairs and these have been the best!). No water leakage, so contacts survived … and I could see things – bonus.

I would use lots of cheap boots own brand ‘personal lubricant’ to assist wetsuit donning and doffing (which, to clarify, does in fact mean ‘putting on’ and ‘taking off’ and is not illustrative of anything else) as the official wetsuit lube stuff is way overpriced… …I perhaps wouldn’t necessarily buy the own-brand equivalent of Durex ‘Tingle’ however – It may have been my imagination but… mmm… actually… hey, maybe I would use it again.

I would bring a brightly coloured beach towel, even if it does identify me as a newbie, as it also easily identified my bike’s location (can you tell which one’s mine?).


I would cycle in cleats again – I had contemplated using my strap pedals and cycling in my running shoes for quick transition but I’m sure I easily made up this time by riding more efficiently as a result of wearing the bike shoes.

I would still go sockless for a 5k run, but some serious upper toe rub on the run means much longer than that would really get pretty painful.

I would like to improve, but I’m still very happy with 1:23:something for my first tri.

Now to find another one to enter!

I would not however get my 6 year old (NotMuchOfaSitStiller) to take a photo of me after the event…

I still await the official, ridiculously-priced ones from the marathon-photo people.

The following link is not intended for my virtual running buddies (though I am already very grateful to a couple of very generous and lovely people) but it is more for work colleagues, family, friends, who I may direct here. I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy today, but I still did it for a reason. Please check out why here.
Thanks 😀