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It’s ok. I’m not going to write a blog post telling you stuff you already know.

Nothing about health. Nothing about lungs. Nothing about cost. Actually I will mention the last one, just not the others.
(Nothing, that is, apart from mentioning them just there.)

No. This is about how the fact that I don’t smoke has been responsible for all sorts of occasional luxury spending in lieu of the massive cost-savings we have made by never smoking. You know, like buying the posh stuff rather than ‘own brand’ cereal, upgrading our car to one with parking sensors, and recently, buying centre court Wimbledon tickets, all of which genuinely sometimes make me feel bad at the cost but allayed slightly, as I say, by being offset by non-smokingness and the phrase “It’s ok. We don’t smoke”.

Well, now I don’t take sugar in my drinks either…

… So apparently that means I can buy and eat two danish pastries for lunch (!) and then eat a discount takeaway Chinindian dinner.

Discount Chinindian: definition: n. a mixture of take-home reheatable dinners, curries, starters and side dishes of various types purchased solely on the basis of proportional discount from yellow-stickered crowded bit occupied mostly by students next to the cold meats section in the supermarket

Oh yes, people. It is a good job that last night I did a late night 10-miler, the last mile of which was actually run after midnight and thus counts as a run TODAY.

I am still a runner.

I’m Not Much Of a Runner but I’m a runner.
Parts of me still cause far too much friction when I run because there is perhaps too much of the rest of me.
But I’m a runner. I know about using Vaseline. So it’s ok… I don’t smoke.