Juneathon 4 (’17) – Emergency

Posted: June 4, 2017 in Injury
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I’m not sure if this particular area of the body has a name, but on the left hand side of my body… about 20 cm from the top of my shoulder – specifically, the bony bit where the humerus meets the scapula (yes – I know words. I know all the words)… on the lateral side anyway… where the deltoid muscle sort of makes a slight ‘V’ shape … well it does when I’m a bit slimmer… when I’m fit… and tensing it… and standing underneath a spotlight anyway… well that bit anyway… actually… hang on…. I’ll find a picture…

Image result for deltoid muscle

That is clearly not me.

I have skin on.

But that bit of the body, anyway.

Not the labelled bit.

The bit below that.

The ‘V’.

That specific bit.



… is pretty much the only part of my body that DOESN’T hurt*


Today, I have developed facial swelling and toothache.  I have a dentist appt. on Wednesday anyway, so I will cope until then.

I did not go for a run today.


I barely did anything.


So… at only four days into June… I have had to use… the emergency plank!

Just 1min 30secs though. I do need to sit up from bed in the morning.



*clearly, I can still function, I am still going to work tomorrow, and I am well aware that at some point in the (probably quite near) future, I shall consider how I feel now and think, “you were lucky!”

  1. Colin and Maryon Avery says:

    Sorry to hear you are hurting. Some of it is probably due to tennis exertions. Hope you can dull the toothache until Wednesday. It’s not that tooth that you supposedly had removed and were picking out further bits for several days afterwards is it? Let us know how you get on.
    Re next Sunday: Dad just needs to sort out his commitments church music-wise and will then let you know what time we expect to get to you.
    We had a lovely day with Martin and Sheila Fletcher yesterday. We met them in Stamford and went to St George’s 11 am service then they came back here to see the house and we had a BBQ for lunch. We didn’t eat outside though as it was cool and windy. We strolled round to Baston Church to show them the village and after a cup of tea they went to Milton Keynes (to stay overnight with friends before heading back to Chudleigh). We slotted right back into where we used to be – it was as if we’d last seen them only a couple of days ago.
    love, Mum x

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