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‘The Beep’

My operation

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Juneathon, not running

Right team,

Let us begin…

Anaesthetic provided. Muscle relaxant has taken effect. Heart rate remains stable. He’s out cold…

Scalpel!… Thanks.
Making first incision now…

Just cutting my way through the first layer of fat…

… Still cutting my way through the first layer of fat…

…still going… You guys go and make a cup of tea if you like…

…oh… Here we go…

…we’re through to the layer of excuses now, we need to cut these away… Forceps! Clamps! Dish thing!

Ok. They’re gone. But they can grow back. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Getting to the deep level now. Begin diagnostics…

…scanning complete.
Let’s see the results.

Previous sense of humour bypass, I see…

What else…

…general malaise…

Aha! That’s it!

I don’t know when it started happening but he has a necrotic mojo.

I’ve never seen this before in the month of June. Highly rare!

I’m sorry. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.

…Well, there probably is…but I can’t be bothered to think through the options…it’s contagious, you see.

Close him up. Bring him round.
Our work is done here.


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I’ve actually done some running…
Yesterday, I left it as late as I dared to collect my daughter from nursery. In the end I managed the 1.3 miles in exactly ten minutes. Considering it’s a good chunk of uphill, I’m happy with that.

Today. After school drop off, I left the car, ran home, jumped on bike, cycled for a coupe of hours (getting a few new geocaches on the way, including a FTF – ‘first to find’). A lovely canal path route…


The rest of the day has been beautifully busy, spent in one of my favourite ways – playing games and running around with small people…

…and watching England lose the football (not so favourite).

I’ve surprised myself though… I have a tenancy towards cynicism…but I’m looking forward to the mathematical probabilities playing out and setting up a corker of a match against Costa Rica next week.

Failing that….Wimbledon starts in a few days!  :-)

…-sound treatment on my foot.


One of the advantages of working with physios. Free advice on tap and a demonstration of the ultrasound machine so I can self-administer some anti-plantarfasciitis treatment in my lunch break.
I may have mentioned the fact that I have had phantasmagoria WHAT?! …that is apparently the predictive text equivalent of plantarfasciitis…anyway…that!.. I’ve had that for over a year now. It’s not got any worse and doesn’t prevent me doing anything….but it is annoying and sometimes painful. I figured some ultrasound is at least worth a go.

Actual exercise today was just press ups to the point of collapse…


Oh… and in case you were wondering…

phan·tas·ma·go·ri·a   (fn-tzm-gôr-, -gr-)also phan·tas·ma·go·ry (fn-tzm-gôr, -gr)n. pl. phan·tas·ma·go·ri·as also phan·tas·ma·go·ries

1.a. A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
b. A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.

2. Fantastic imagery as represented in art.

Blogging Seems To Be The Hardest Part

What have I got to do to write a good blog?
What have I got to do to get it right?
What do I do after a good jog?
And I just stare at a screen with nought to write

What do I do to be inspiring
What have I got to do show my heart
What do I say when I’m just tiring
And blogging seems to be the hardest part

It’s sad, so sad
It’s so sad when juneathonning
And it seems it’s tearing me apart
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t it just be over
Oh it seems to me
That blogging seems to be the hardest part.

What do I do to make the words flow
What have I got to do / where do I start?
What do I do – my brain’s on go slow?
What have I got to do?
What have I got to do?
When blogging seems to be the hardest part.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It’s day 16 of Juneathon.
It gets hard now.
If you’re going to get through all 30 days of exercising and blogging, there will be some days, where the blogging seems ‘for the sake of it’, and nobody likes that, so I nearly bowed out today altogether.
I had done my exercise – I played tennis (again) today. I have nothing more to add to that, so I hope the above re-worded Elton John song makes up for it.

Too much food, not enough moving around. A lovely lazy father’s day for me here…apart from the small matter of the daily exercise thing… Cue THE MEGA PLANK.


Apologies for the image. Aside from the fact it is of me, it is also poor quality as it’s only on the front facing camera if my phone. But you get the idea… heels on one chair (Mr Happy socks are optional), neck on the other, hold that position long enough for the self-time to do it’s job and then keep your fingers crossed that you can still move in the morning.



Well this is live at the time of writing, but all will be history by the time I hit ‘publish’. But then again…. aren’t all posts?

No apologies if you don’t like the football, it’s just tough I’m afraid. Go away and come back tomorrow. I don’t mind ;-)


I have spent most of today either sat in a car, cuddling my newly arrived baby nephew, or eating pizza so I thought about going for a run when I eventually got home but I cleaned the oven instead and now I’m getting ready to watch England’s first World Cup football match Vs Italy.

I shall therefore be incorporating my exercise into this activity in the following way:

  • Throw in = 1 press up
  • Corner = 1 sit up
  • Goal kick = 1 squat thrust
  • Free kick / offside = 1 burpee
  • Penalty = Plank (to begin at the point the penalty is given and to last until the penalty is taken)

I can’t think of anything for Red and Yellow cards yet… I’ll have a think and maybe add them on the end ‘cos it’s just about to start…

Oh, but I must say…I am going to be in so much trouble with my boy tomorrow too. Originally, I had told him, ages ago, that he could watch England’s 9pm matches but an 11pm one was really too late for him.  However, as we had returned quite late from baby-cuddling expeditions anyway, I softened and said that if he did his teeth and got ready for bed then he could read his book in bed for 45 minutes and then come and watch the first half only.

He only went and fell asleep didn’t he! I tried to wake him. Genuinely - I did. But he was well off in the land of nod. It will still be my fault tomorrow though. You just wait!

Here we go!…


I forgot about anything for a goal as well… so… Punch a cushion 10 times / jump up and down 10 times (dependant on team)

First Half Summary

  • Press ups  = 11
  • Sit Ups = 4
  • Squat Thrusts = 7
  • Burpees = 9
  • …+ 10 cushion punches + 10 jumping ups and downs



Second Half Summary

  • Press ups  = 1O
  • Sit Ups = 8
  • Squat Thrusts = 11
  • Burpees = 14
  • …+ 10 cushion punches

(oh… and I’ll add 5 star jumps for the yellow card)


Gah! Shame… but promising.  I actually really enjoyed watching that, believe it or not. I’ll let you know how my boy feels about missing it, tomorrow :-/

P.S I genuinely thought there would be a lot more throw ins, etc than there actually were. I might have missed a couple but not many, I don’t think. You know how to contact me if you require me to work as a sports statistician.

Short post

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This is a short post.


And so is this…

I played a tennis match for 3 hours today and in the end, it came down to just one game.

I lost.

This was one of the views as I headed out on my geocaching run/cycle today.



Click on the link if you want to find out more, but very basically, geocaching is an online/real world ‘hide & seek’ game in which you follow a set of coordinates using a gps device (I just use my phone) to an area, look at an extra clue online if there is one and then try to find an object of varying size and difficulty hidden away somewhere.

20140612-140351.jpgIt is actually a great way of keeping kids entertained on a walk, as every so often, there is the added interest of hunting for (and hopefully finding) something of interest.  Even within my own locality, there have been lovely places that I have visited, originally solely due to the fact that there was a cache placed nearby. Today’s caching trip was one such place and the photos below show the rough area and this well hidden (although quite large) biscuit tin.





20140612-140536.jpgThe pictures above show the area in which the cache was placed…with only the clue “evergreen”.  The whole bush was basically one big holly (evergreen) bush.

Sometimes geocaches can be very small, and ultimately you are looking for a piece of paper to sign (to prove you have actually found it) although you must then also log it online for it to be added to your own stats. Future seekers of that cache can also see what you’ve written so you have to be careful not to give the game away too much.

For this one, I rode the bike from home to within about 1.5 miles of this lovely little forest then ran the rest in my still shiny, bright-green new trail shoes.  It wasn’t as muddy as I expected so they are STILL shiny!

I found the cache in less than 5 minutes today.  As a family, we have been known to spend 40 minutes plus in the past looking high and low, just to get that lovely sense of satisfaction when the tiny paper log is discovered in a small plastic tube drilled into a rock or something.

Smaller caches have just a piece of paper to sign but larger ones will often have a collection of goodies that you can take…as long as you replace them with something of equal or greater value. I tend not to get into all this but sometimes the kids take a shine to some bit of tat and we’ll do a swap.


You don’t even need to pay anything to sign up to the basic geocaching membership and you can usually find a cheap (or even free) geocaching app if you want to use your smart phone as your GPS.

So today I ended up cycling 6 miles, running 3 miles then after getting home, ran 2 more miles to collect my girl from nursery. It can be good for exercise motivation.

If you get as far as just looking to see how many hidden objects there are really close to you, I bet you’d be tempted to go and find at least one…wouldn’t you?

If you do, I’d love to know how you get on.

So this morning I woke up to glorious sunshine and a letter from my 3 year-old daughter written the previous evening still on my bedside table - painting a rare Tuesday morning smile across my face.


“Today is definitely a shorts day” I said to myself, in an Irish accent, for no particular reason I can determine.

Headed off to work. Did the work thing. Productive day.

I finished work on time for once and after changing from work clothes back into the shorts of joyous happiness once more I started the 10 minute walk from the office to the car park, noticing as I made my way there the big rolling, dark clouds outside (obviously) providing stark contrast to the golden sun and long summer shadows decorating the otherwise light corridor linking the working world to that alternative reality that is ‘home’.  I comment to my working colleague that we might be lucky and make it to our vehicles before the deluge. A little jog across the car park would likely ensure our dryness.

Did the rain hold off? Did we make it? I hear you scream at your computer/phone/tablet/iPod in excited anticipation.

We were lucky. We did. Well…he did… well…I did too…but I also sort of didn’t. Let me explain…

Our work car park is entered and exited only upon the magical waving of ID card in front of the magic black box of admittance situated next to the magic striped raising-and-lowering barrier of access. Whilst preparing to drive home, I realise that in my short-wearing delirium, I had left the required ID card attached to the clothes of workingness.

“Tut!” I said to myself, in my normal thinking-to-myself accent this time (because clearly I was just a bit mad with the Irish thing this morning) and I began the ten minute walk back to the changing rooms hoping that my ID card was indeed still there and hadn’t just fallen out of my pocket while jogging to the car earlier.

I manage to still avoid the rain before getting to cover. My ID badge was eventually retrieved after a short search in my locker – phew! I now begin the ten minute journey back in the direction of the car park but this time to the tuneful accompaniment of thunder and the associated preceding light show.

I smile to myself and think, “I’m going to get wet, aren’t I?”  (mainly because I thought I was going to get wet… which is one of the best reasons for saying such a thing to yourself) and I struggle to hear my own reply due to the crescendo of the increasing rain beating down on the plastic domey roofy thing that is above me. I take this opportunity of dryness to check my phone for the weather forecast on Friday – tennis match day. It’s ok. This should not last. Mmmm…neither will my battery… only 1 per cent battery life remaining.

At the external access there is a group of well-clothed people with umbrellas, not daring to leave the building for fear of drowning or being swept away by the newly created river.

I make a hilarious comment to the group of strangers along the lines of,  “Well, at least I’m not wearing shorts or anything!” earning myself instant respect as a clearly quick-witted individual who is blatantly going places, and obviously avoiding anyone just thinking I was a bit weird.

Without hesitation, I walk purposefully towards the door with body language that boldly spoke the words, “Stand back, people! I’ve got this. Wish me luck!”

The crown parted (and I like to think perhaps even bowed a little bit) then as face met with the H2O MY WORD THAT IS PROPER WET WETNESS OF THE KIND THAT IS GOING TO SERIOUS DRENCH ME IN TWO SECONDS FLAT, I ran. I proper ran. Sprint, if you will. Jumping huge puddles, leaping over rivers, propelling myself in the air and doing one of those little heel click things like I was channelling the spirit of that bloke with the dodgy English accent off Mary Poppins… Dick Van Dyke! Him! Yeah… proper little heel clicks with a broad cheeky grin as I go over the zebra crossing, smiling to the car driver who stopped well short of it to let this clearly disturbed individual pass by without incident….and eventually make it to the car…dry my glasses so I can at least see something… and go to plug my mobile phone in to charge… my mobile…my mobile phone…

“my phone…? where’s my phone?”

“Oh Tut”   I say to myself for the second time in the space of 20 minutes.

After a thorough search of the car, to ensure I hadn’t just dropped it there, I head back out into the downpour, slowly this time. Eyes peeled. Scouring the increasingly rippled concrete for a trace of the whiteness that is…or once was… a Samsung Galaxy II phone.

Becoming increasingly wet, I eventually spot it near the site of one of my earlier heel-clicking exploits, in three separate but seemingly intact pieces – battery, cover, and main phone. It must have somehow escaped the shorts pocket as I gracefully glided by earlier.

No longer getting increasingly wet, because as an annoying woman in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ once said, “There comes a time when you just can’t get any wetter, no more”, I eventually get back to my car…

…No longer smiling…

…and then…

…after a much longer time than it should have taken…

…I get home…


…and I smile again.