All Janathon participants to date…

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

(… not that this is a list of people I want to date. I’m a happily married man with a young family and… well.. just ‘no’. No offence though like.)

Personally, I’m Not much of a runner   and certainly  I am new to this  whole JogBlog  stuff. But iliketocount  myself as someone who despite my Sore Limbs  – specifically My Sore Left Knee  , is not just The Virtual Runner  but one who gets One Foot Out The Door  and starts Hauling My Carcass  around a A Half Hearted Half Marathon  or similar in an attempt to develop Hands like pistons, legs like tree trunks .  Now I know It’s going to hurt  but I’ve been Shunning Running for too long. I was The Reluctant Runner and always had excuses like “I Can’t Really Run “ or that I was an Unshod Northerner so I cantrunwontrun and that’s that. But i saw Gemma’s Janathon  and Richard’s Janathon and eventually Guy’s Janathon Blog and thought….JANATHON! Hels Bels … here are some Implosive Ideas you know, I can’t write The Road Running Blog as well as Gary’s Blog or Tom Roper’s Running Training ! I mean but a Big Man Runs – that’s a fact just like thereisasixpackunderhere – fact. I don’t need to be brilliant, I said to my friend, Michael, I’m not after an Oscar Mike I said , I don’t need to pay a PupilPremium  to someone with blogging gen or even Running Jen . Basically I’ll Just Plod It , I’ll go to and follow the instructions, Insert Clever Running Pun Here , some Words and Pictures there, recount some Running Meditations somewhere else. I will make “ irunitri “ my motto and If I can’t do that then CJ Henderson is not my real name! Errr… anyway…  I have faith I can do this, to move this mountain and if I Can’t Move It, Climb It! I may be slow, fat, 39 Mid Life Crisis ,etc but by blogging I can have some Accountability to any West London Plodder or  Lazy Girl Running  who wants to comment or encourage.

Oooo I’m soooo excited, I told my friend, Edward, my hands are sooooo sweatyted , I said, I’m Sooozie (oops, but only at weekends down at the Little Budda on Crompton Street…ahem). So what’s my motivation? …musing…  A foreign trip? Operation Roma ? How far is it to Rome? 2011 Miles ?  What if I turn out to be a Fair Weather Runner ? With current forecasts I’d be Running Still well into 2012 and probably only be Running in Suffolk by then with Miles To Go .  I could be Travelling Hopefully by Motoperpetio  (which at least ‘sounds’ faster than running)  and visit Grethic’s Grethicia  ,  gintares , The Magathon and other lesser well known Italian tourist attractions in the sueennals region. No… I think my motivation will be to live healthier… to leave The Lard Lounge of life to others. My diet is terrible… I run for cake and have Calorific Dreams. Dr(?) GillianMcKeith recommends running for regular bowel movements in her book – Jogalog . The food in my fridge is well off though , i found more than one Babyworm in some food.. on the blacksushi there were 7 of the invertebrates and on The Bean 29 ! I know! 29!   So from now on, I’m going organic and Eating Trees ! It’s Life, Running and Medicine for me…well.. running will be my medicine.

There are some Hot Mamas in the running world you know… most are simply a Running Momma wearing too many clothes mind you. And weird coloured tracksuits – Musings & Madness from Puce Green to a Red Stripe Recruit .  The other day I was chatting with my friend Florence about this when Daniel phones, asking what distance I’m training for, I say a Marathon Dan , “really, when?” asks Florence. “In a  Fortnight Flo ” I reply. 

My friend Helen is a painter from the Netherlands and a runner with a goal – 12 Months 12 Races – she’s a real Fit Artist  and a Running Dutchie . I was encouraging her in a training run, shouting, Run Helen Run  ! She looked up and despite being a Ninja Mum , fell into The Thames, a runner and his dog   came to her assistance and pointed out she’d ruined her ipod (containing all her Audiofuel tracks), garmin, nike+ and iphone in the process…. “umetoys (joggerblogger) !” , she exclaimed, but completed her training with soaking clothes and no further complaint. What a warriorwoman !  Personally, I like Running For The Quiet without all the gubbins As above though I have done a Run DMT (Discussing MarathonTalk) before.   

I will be keenly following fellow Janathoners such as the table tennis playing southcoastrunner to see if they cover north, west and east as well to become a pingpongperambulator . I want to know, is Rosie Blue 89 ? And is juleswills1 ? I want to see if Ross Jogs every day in January. I want to know, is livvycamp ? And I want to See Chris Tri his hardest. I want to find out if a pose runner leans too far forward, do they become a Nose Runner .  I wonder if Jogging Jay and Bea’s Blog refer to sporty letters or animals? And lastly, I want to know if Double Oh Deely BH  is an exotic bra measurement?

If I was an Avid Bugler  I would trumpet the arrival of renowned bloggers such as Pradroid , Hashiru Ed , SODIron’s Blog , and anicolebenson because frankly it’s too Paula’s Posterous to shoehorn their names into a sentence.

I don’t think I need to Paddy’s Blog out any more and I’m a Thirsty Hippo anyway so I’ll get a cuppa, rest My Aching Feet and watch ceebeebees. 

I hope you all Jog On 2011 ‘s first 31 days. Or run (if you think there’s a difference).                      

Love, Phil

  1. christine says:

    for ‘notmuchofablogger’, you did quite well!! 🙂 keep it up.

  2. Vikki says:

    That’s absolutely brilliant 🙂

  3. jogblog says:

    Very clever, well done!

  4. Vicky says:

    brilliant! well done!

  5. seanblair says:

    Fantasic post – well done! Can I repost it on our Blog with all due credit to you? Genius. Cheers Sean AudioFuel

  6. Nose Runner says:


  7. Chris says:

    nicely done. see you out there.

  8. fitartist says:

    Wow, very clever! When will you find time to run with blogs like that?!

  9. DeelyBH says:

    Very amusing 🙂 Going to have to keep a bookmark for the days that I don’t feel like getting out!

  10. […] blogging thing before and I was pretty new to running too so it was all quite exciting really. My most viewed post still remains one of my first (alas, it is true, I have gone downhill since then) but I think that […]

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