Good for the Sole (Robin Hood 9 of 12)

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Marathon, not running, running
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“Every day, in every way*, I’m getting better and better”


*well… in a foot/tendon/resting/pain kind of way.

The Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon is on 29th September 2013 – 3 weeks away.
My foot is getting better. I can now point it up and down without a crunching sound and I can walk on it without limping, which is a huge improvement. But I’m being sensible for once, and I am continuing to rest it.


Well, cycling seems fine.

So I took the little lady (that’s my daughter, by the wa I’m not being sexist) out on the bike, in the rain, for a longish ride where we managed cheer on Richard Whitehead at two different points during his 40 marathon JOGLE challenge.


He looked a bit grumpy if I’m quite honest… but I don’t blame him… He was on Marathon 25 and it was grey and rainy. I think he’s doing a fantastic job!
His fellow runners, it has to be said, were full of beans.

And I’m sure they were all rolling around in hysterics upon seeing my pre-placed signs slightly further along his route announcing the cessation of rain (just before a tunnel/bridge/underpass)… and the subsequent resumption of rain (you’ve guessed it… at the exit of the tunnel/bridge/underpass).


I mean… Seriously… I sometimes even surprise myself with my genius.


So there we have it.

Another running blog update involving me NOT running. I hope I can report more action in a week or two. Otherwise it will just be more randomness.

Speaking of which… Can you tell me…

What common running related injury is depicted below?




Answers on a postcard (or alternatively in the comments section).

  1. Shaz says:

    Pointing toes? Ballet next! Tights
    Required obviously!

  2. shazruns says:

    Not sure Bolshoi would allow that!

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Hm I’m baffled all I’m comin up with if Herbshitleritis and I’m sure that’s not a thing, although it is a good word to describe what happens to my stomach if I try a new gel at about mile 11 of a long run 🙂

  4. I was really hoping Richard Whitehead might come through Sheffield at some point on his marathon journey but sadly didn’t 😦

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