20) map my tennis match

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Juneathon, not running
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We won the tennis!

I have included for your enjoyment, the high definition satellite-imaged screen shot from the incredible ‘map my tennis match’ app (available from all made up app. stores in all formats) of the best rally.

Unfortunately as you will see from the app, that it has only tracked my movements (red) and that of the ball (yellow) as the other players had not subscribed to the app’s brilliance (which is a drawback of the app and one which I have expressed in my feedback!).


Yay us!

Oh and I cycled there and back too. 3 hours of exercise in all.

Yay me again!

  1. runorgocrazy says:

    Wow look at you and the ball go! Do you have to have the phone on you while you play?

  2. […] I had intended to activate GPS on my phone and so allow me to map my tennis match… but I forgot on this occasion. But I have done it before (please have a look by clicking here… I think you’ll like it). […]

  3. […] know you can’t always take me seriously on here, like the time I extolled the virtues of a fantastic new tennis app or when I reviewed the TRINITO:N sports bracelet but this time I really am giving these away. […]

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